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Last night’s Glee was all about accepting yourself for who you are regardless of your flaws – whether it be a large nose, a butt-chin, or being so OCD that you can’t even have a relationship. What better way to symbolize that than with a song by the Queen of self-acceptance Lady Gaga and putting your flaw on a t-shirt? There was a lot of hype surrounding this episode because of Gaga giving the song to Glee before it was even released and the episode’s 90 minute length (that’s like a feature film). As The Campus Socialite’s resident Gleek, I feel like it’s my obligation to share what I thought about it.

The episode opens with the team (aka Finn) trying to improve their dancing because nationals are coming up. On a completely irrelevant tangent, the cast was recently filming in NYC and I spent most of my Monday contemplating how to get there and creep as per usual. Anyway, because Finn is so lanky and built with two left feet, he hit Rachel in the face and broke her nose. Of course, she goes to the doctor and he tells her it’s the perfect time for a nose job. Even though she’s so proud of her nose because of her heroine Barbra, she decides to get the surgery and goes even farther to declare that she wants Quinn’s nose. Because when I get dumped by my boyfriend, then he accidentally breaks my nose and I need a new one, my first option is to replace it with an exact replica of his new girlfriend’s shnoz.

Now, Quinn has her heart set on one thing at this point: prom queen. I swear the writers of this show just give people reason to dislike her and make her more fake week after week. That is until we find out that she was once upon a time a fat girl nicknamed “Lucy Caboosey.” Cue stupid sympathy story in which we find out she used to be fat, got a nose job, transferred school and decided to go by her middle name. She had to change herself to feel pretty and confident, gahh she just annoys me.

Oh yeah and Kurt came back if anyone cares. I missed him, but his solos…ehh, not as much. I’m just sad that this means less Darren Criss as Blaine on the show. I’ll get over it so long as they just end this whole “Kurt being bullied” storyline. He’s back at McKinley, singing Lady Gaga, and getting a second chance at Nationals since his other team, the Warblers lost. Basically living the dream so just cut with the innocent victim wahh wahh Ryan Murphy and all will be good.

So there were two parts in this episode that I loved the most and for two completely different reasons. The first was when Emma goes to reveal her flaw and instead of having “OCD” on her chest, she has the word “GINGER.” In my sorority we love gingers, not only because we have three gingers in our house, but also because we have a beloved ginger friend that I endearingly call “Filthy Ging”.

The second part that I loved was the flash mob scene to Duck Sauce’s “Barbra Streisand”. On another irrelevant tangent, I recently became obsessed with a website called where you can replace the song title with whatever you want. The flash mob to that song was all about stopping Rachel from getting a nose job because she was in need of a “Barbravention.”

Ultimately, she doesn’t get a nose job, Emma admits she’s OCD, and Finn will never be a good dancer but it’s fine because he’s really cute. This week’s Glee taught me to love myself despite my “four eyes” and terrible coordination, so thanks Glee!

My favorite character in this episode was Santana because she’s a bitch, she knows it, and she’s okay with it. She has no problem making fun of Rachel’s nose, or Tina’s asianness, or Finn’s nipples. Being a closeted lesbian, in love with her once best friend Brittany, she suddenly has ridiculous gaydar and spots Karofsky checking out Sam’s ass. She calls him out and instead of telling everyone, decides to use him as her gay beard. Girl just gets more and more genius every episode.

Quote of the episode:

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