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If you’ve spent some time on the website of any kind of media outlet in the past two days, chances are you were greeted to photos of the most recent GQ cover story involving TV’s favorite Gleeks. The racy photo shoot is part of GQ’s November issue and has raised quite a few eyebrows among fans of show as well as members of the media.

The photos feature Glee stars Lea Michele, who plays over-achiever Rachel Berry, Dianna Agron, who plays cheerio (Glee’s term for cheerleader) Quinn Fabray, and Cory Monteith, the show’s leading man. Michele and Agron can be found in various states of undress — brightly colored lingerie, short skirts and high heels to match. The two are posed provocatively both alone and Monteith. All of the photos were taken in what appears to be a high school – or something made to look like one.

Much of the attention the cover story has received has questioned why three stars of one of the most popular family shows on television today are taking off their clothes on the front of a national magazine.  Although Glee does tackle tough topics – sex, racism, and teenage pregnancy – quite often, I’m not sure that means its leading ladies should be showing off their assets for the entire world to see.

Once the shock of seeing the usually tame Michele straddling a locker room bench in skimpy white underwear wore off, I asked myself, ‘Why are just the women half-naked?’ As a matter of fact, in most of the photos, Monteith can be found with many layers of clothing. While Michele and Agron are posed in front of, on top and next to their leading man (while his hands rest in a compromising position), the girls posed with bright red lips, open mouths, lollipops and pom-poms.

Yes, you can argue that GQ is a men’s magazine and that’s one of the reason why men buy the magazine – half naked women, but where are the shirtless men of Glee? Would it have killed the GQ editors to include one shot of Glee’s resident bad boy, Mark Salling?

Looking at the photos, it is clear that Michele was more than comfortable to shed her goody two-shoe image. While she is pictured without her shirt and sometimes without her skirt in many of the photos, Agron’s wardrobe is a bit tamer. Agron recently spoke out about the photo shoot.

When it was just Lea and me, I was like “We’re in skimpy clothes, we’re up against each other.” This is feeding those rumors … I’ve never been shot in so little clothing.

So the media is uncomfortable with it, the fans are uncomfortable with it and one of the actresses herself seems to be uncomfortable with it… something doesn’t add up. From where I stand, as a devoted Glee fan – I’m shocked FOX (the network home of Glee known to be on the more conservative side) allowed the three to participate in these photos.

How do you feel about the provocative photo shoot, socialites? Should these Gleeks have kept things PG-13 or are they within their right to bare their bodies?

Let me know in the comments!

All photos courtesy of GQ

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