No seriously, I’m asking you what you think. I see this thing and my first reaction is “whoa, that’s awesome. It’s a remote control that you can also pass out on.” But then it sets in that it’s actually a remote control that you can pass out on, and I no longer know what to think. So let’s get your opinion on it.


But before you make up your mind, here are the hard (well, soft technically) facts: This thing is a 6-in-1 universal remote that you will never lose between the cushions, because it is a cushion. It even has automatic pre-programmed code searching, so you don’t have to do that annoying thing where you look through a list of a billion TVs to find your brand, only to find out it was the wrong code and have to go back through again. And it runs on 3 AAA batteries.

It’s weird when you realize that I just said all that stuff about a freaking pillow. But what happens when you use it as a pillow? Does it change channels if you lean on it? Is it soft all the way through or does it have a hard, plastic center? I’m not sure because I haven’t tested it out yet but you can get it at Brookstone.


What do you think of the Pillow Remote?

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