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Im not much of the artsy type, sure I can appreciate a great painting or sculpture but it just never really caught my attention as much as a hockey fight or walk off home run (no offense to all you art majors out there). I actually used to be a pretty good artist in my younger years but within the past few the only art that I have created is stacking the empty pizza boxes in my dorm which kind of resembled the Eiffel Tower. The traditional era of art is over, say goodbye to the classic family portraits hanging in the living room, the mural on your ceiling and those color by number pictures. All these methods are for the old generation, The Campus Socialite generation needs things with more than what meets the eye. Meet Phil Hansen, he’s an artist who has taken his talent to a new level in which all of us can truly appreciate and enjoy. His method, which he calls Goodbye Art, is used to create new ways of art.

It started when Hansen had nerve damage in his forearm and had to create new ways in order to keep his passion alive. He began using methods that were part of everyones daily lives, as he describes it “my torso, a tricycle, X-rays, dandelions, the bible, key phrases out of audience stories and so on”. Pretty cool stuff, but just wait until you actually see what he’s creating. One of his most famous pieces named fittingly Jimi Hendrix (video posted above) is created with only colored matches. The picture of Hendrix and his guitar made entirely of matches is sweet, but when Hansen lights it on fire is truly rock star status.

Another piece Hansen created in his Goodbye Art Series is called Britney. This piece was created during Britney Spears’s meltdown as the media chewed her up and spit her out. The absolute genius that Hansen is, he went down to his local Starbucks, ordered one of every pastry and created a Britney portrait by chewing up food and spitting it out.

Phil Hansen is a modern day Van Gogh, he is creating art with a purpose which both inspires and urges its viewer to think about the message of the masterpiece. A few of his other works of art include:

Don’t think he forgot about everyone’s hero Chuck Norris, created with a paintball gun.

This piece is titled Value of Blood, is of Kim Jong II and was made with 500ml of Phil’s blood on a canvas of 6,000 bandages

Titled Lance, this was created by dripping paint from a tricycle’s tires and riding around a canvas!

Phil you are the man, keep up the great work. Check out his site to see the rest of his art work as well as his online store which would absolutely give your room some sick posters instead of the token college posters… Brooke Burke and Bob Markey smoking a joint.  So remember art is all around us (wow that was deep), even those empty pizza boxes, beer cans, huge piles of laundry and textbooks collecting dust under the bed. Take a lesson from Phil Hansen and create something out of the ordinary, just don’t go lighting it on fire I hear the dorms don’t like that.

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