Google and Dogfish Head Team Up To Get You Drunk With “URKontinent”


This…is…AWESOME. Okay, so you read the title and you’re like “whatever, it’s beer,” but watch this 13 minute video about the process and you might change your mind. This Belgian dubbel-style brew got its wacky ingredients using suggestions from Google users worldwide, and in the coming months you’ll get to enjoy this 8.1% alcohol beer for yourself.


Check out this quote about the ingredients from the Dogfish website:

It begins with Pilsner, Munich and Chocolate Malts and Belgian Dark Candi syrup. Then we add unique ingredients from around the world. Wattleseed from Australia imparts a chocolate, coffee, and hazelnut taste to the beer. Toasted Amaranth from South America gives it an earthy, grainy flavor and a little additional roast flavor. Green Rooibos from Africa contributes a floral aroma and slight astringency. Myrica Gale from Europe supplements the bitterness from minimal hopping. Hive Plex Honey from California adds a subtle sweetness while maintaining the dry finish.The careful combination of all these ingredients creates a complex dark Belgian style ale with wonderful coffee and chocolate covered cherry flavors. The roastiness of the malt and wattleseed melds with the fruity esters from the yeast, the floral notes from the rooibos, and the malty yet dry signature of a Belgian Dubbel.

I’m gonna hunt through all my local beer distributors to find this beautiful collaboration. I’ll let you know how it is.

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