I can’t express how badly I want to go to the Solomon Islands and loot the shit out of that ship. The World Discoverer was run aground and abandoned back in 2000, after it hit an uncharted rock and began to sink. Just the idea that there are ships just chilling out in remote locations gives me a treasure-hunting boner. Check out more after the jump.


Here’s a close-up picture of the ship as it sits in the bay. By the way, can I bring up the inherent irony in a ship called the World Discoverer being found by Google Maps? Wait, this picture isn’t the end though there’s more.


[via GizModo]


This video that follows is what got me all excited like Mouth from The Goonies. I can’t help but hope that One-Eyed Willie is chilling in there with his treasure, even though I know the captain and everyone on the ship escaped alive. Who’s down for a sweet road trip? I’m sure there’s some valuable shit still left in there. Just watch out for sharks and pirates.


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