Got Tablet Woes? Enter the Lenovo ThinkPad

By Nick Matthews

thinkpad-tabletListen up, haters. It’s time to get eye-raped with useful consumer knowledge. I’m talkin’ to you $600 iPad sitting at a Starbucks checking your blog traffic bi-hourly. I’m even talking to you Windows-tablet wielding super-hipster that doesn’t want to go with the corporate flow of Apple… so you go with Microsoft. Hell, I might as well even be talking to you Mr. Blackberry Playbook with your decent flash integration and respectable loading times. We got a new player on the market and he’s out for blood. It’s ThinkPad time.

Oh shit. He done changed the game. The first thing that is glaringly obvious ’bout this freak is the stylus. Those e-pens have sort of gone out of style… but we bringin’ it back.


The stylus offers an increased versatility and allows for real-time graphic overlays, handwriting to text writing capabilities, and increased productivity. I am not going to lie, this is a working man’s tablet. It is made for those people who need to get shit done. It has the games, it has the movies, but it’s real purpose is seamless integration into your work life. Take the USB ports and SD card, for example. These are here so you can have compatibility with pretty much every mobile device possible. Throw a Powerpoint presentation onto the SD card, toss it to your bro, he throws it on his Droid X and HDMI’s that bitch into a projection screen so you can sweep those VC pricks off of their feet.

That isn’t even the best part though. This tablet is sweet. Honeycomb sweet.


Yeah man. Honeycomb. This looks so good I would eat it. So let’s play it out. The key word here is multi. Multitasking, multi-desktop, multi-everything. To fit with the ThinkPad workhorse theme, this is like the CEO’s and Tennis Ho’s mobile platform. In fact, Google Chief Engineer Mike Cleron was quoted saying, “It shows you what you can do with an OS designed from the ground up for multitasking.”

So what does that mean for the average college bro? It means you can check your social media while watching a video lecture from your professor while writing an essay while watching YouPorn. Goodbye GPA, hello carpal tunnel. Seriously though, this tablet is a game changer. It weighs in as the next heavy hitter with a sleek no-frills design and a price tag comparable to most of the other tablet PCs on the market right now.

So, now that you are in the know, what do you think? Are you going to stick with your iPad (which still sounds like a feminine hygiene product to me) or are you gonna get in touch with the FUTURE?

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