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Sunday night’s Grammy Awards brought not only music, the return of Lady Gaga, and a few questionable winners, but also a chance to see what’s in style with the celebrities.

So while you weren’t swooning over Justin Bieber, you were probably paying attention to all the red carpet trends. If not, The Campus Socialite has got you covered. Here are what was hot on the red carpet and how you can bring that heat to any weekend outfit.


From Jennifer Lopez to Heidi Klum to Snooki, metallic dresses were all over the red carpet. Now I’m not by any means saying you should go to a frat party in a long silver ballgown, but there is never anything wrong with a little metallic shine. Whether it be a sparkly top, a mini dress, shoes, or even your makeup, channel your inner Ke$ha and embrace the glitter. If you do, do not go overboard with the shine, which means avoid anything that makes you look like a disco ball/like you went to the craft store and raided the glitter section. Pick one item, sparkle it up and you’re good to go.

Animal Print

This trend is a big hit or miss because it needs to be done right. Though Nicki Minaj can rock it looking like she came straight outta the zoo, you might not be able to. Dressing like you’re an animal is never the impression you want to make on a Friday night out. Just like with the metallic, pick one item with animal print and rock it. Less is more in the case of print. You can go from fierce to tacky in an instant with animal print so, whatever you do, avoid attempting to dress like a zebra and a cheetah at the same time.

A “Little” Leg

Celebs like Kim Kardashian and Lea Michelle were all about the long dress with the even longer slit up the side. It’s classy since it’s a long dress, but it still leaves nothing to the imagination. There is nothing wrong with showing off a little leg, if you have the legs to do it. Mini dresses with heels are the perfect night out outfit if you’re going somewhere and you want to be noticed. Showing off the legs is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Side note: if you are going to be wearing something little, make sure the lady bits are covered up, especially if A) you have horrible coordination even when sober or B) you don’t normally wear heels. Wardrobe malfunctions are never okay.


Sheer is something that either makes you look like a classy bitch or like you’re trying way too hard, so wear it with caution. Showing off your skin in something sheer is huge right now, and Rihanna definitely wore it right. Her dress was classy and there was no way anyone would call her anything but stunning for wearing it. While you should never, ever wear something of that length to a party, a sheer top always looks good. Just make sure your hoo hoo is covered up and wear either a cami or bandeau to keep the girls in. Wearing something sheer is that little boost of confidence every girl needs.


Just kidding, do not show up to a party with an egg on your head unless you happen to be going to a “favorite breakfast foods” party. Lady Gaga (and only Lady Gaga) could get away with this, so let’s leave it to her.

There you have it Socialites, red carpet trends made easy for the night out. Embrace your inner classy bitch in any of these trends and you’ll definitely have all eyes on you, just like if you were a celebrity.

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