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Late last year we heard many people claiming to be the next Justin Bieber, but only one kid actually stood out. When I say he stood out, I mean the kid’s voice literally blew me away. Then 12 year-old Greyson Chance sat behind a piano at his school talent show and belted out Lady Gaga’s hit song ‘Paparazzi’ almost as good as she would have herself.

Speaking of Lady Gaga, Greyson received praise and advice from the singer when she called into Ellen during Chance’s first appearance. When Lady Gaga gives you her approval you must be doing a good job.

Greyson soon received national attention after the video went viral on the web.  His big break however came after appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show. DeGeneres was so impressed with him that just weeks after his performance on her show she began a record label called Eleveneleven and signed Chance as her first artist.

The video for his first single ‘Waiting Outside the Lines’ was just released yesterday and Chance already has staying power.  The video features the now 13 year-old Greyson being mobbed by female fans while playing piano “outside the lines.”

So if you don’t remember Greyson melting the hearts of every girl in his school quicker than someone shouting Bieber in a crowded mall, here is the video clip (Notice all the girls in the background at the end).

The video of his performance of Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi’ was the third most-watched video on YouTube this year with 34 million views, which is truly impressive for the newcomer – at least he beat out Bieber by a few spots.

Really, the only comparison between Justin Bieber and Greyson Chance is that they are young teenage heartthrobs with similar hairstyles. Love him or hate him, Justin Bieber is a very talented young man and Greyson Chance will be lucky to have the success that he has had.

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