By: Marco Galvan (University of Texas at Austin)

In Austin, TX, the Alamo Drafthouse, the movie theater that is known for having waiters while you watch a movie, gives moviegoers the opportunity to have a different kind of experience. It can range from their famous sing alongs all the way to their infamous Saturday Brunch Cartoon viewings. But the coolest thing they have to do is screen movies before they are released and bring the stars to these screenings. Their most recent view was The Virginity Hit, where three friends help another friend lose his virginity. The movie isn’t what I am going to talk about though. I am writing about the experience of that night. After the Q&A with the producer and one of the stars Zack Pearlman, me and some friends decide to take some pictures with them. Well, two of our friends get the idea of writing their names and numbers on a piece of paper and give it to Zack to see if he wants to hang out after the movie. We leave the theater not expecting anything.

A couple hours later I am awoken to a phone call from a friend saying that Zack wants to hang out and for me to gather some friends and head over. We walk in and see Zack sitting on our friends couch just relaxing. We end up just sitting back watching YouTube videos, talking about movies, and what got him into acting and what got him to drop out of college. It was kind of surreal because he is an up and coming comedy actor and we get to say that we hung out with him when the movie comes out. We didn’t even expect him to take the note let alone get to hang out with him and just talk. This was just one experience the Drafthouse has given me and I am looking forward to many more.

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