Hangover Joe’s Hangover Recovery Shot!

Hangover Joes

It is Feburary 15th, and I know all you singles out there partied hard last night. Good for you! Girls, don’t give up. I’m sure Prince charming just stopped for some cigarettes, and is on his way. Guys, Valentine’s Day is supposedly like shooting fish in a barrell, and I hope this was true. But I digress. Just like any night of hard drinking and harder sulking, you’re probably still sleeping off that hangover. Well when you do decide to get up, Hangover Joe’s has 2 oz. of pure delicious salvation.

Much like “5 Hour Energy”, Hangover Joe’s comes in a little 2 oz bottle and is ready to go when you are. Just kick that nasty skank out of your bed, grab the bottle out of the fridge, and drink up. According to Joe’s, your hangover woes should be a thing of the past, and you’ll be ready to start drinking again. Or maybe go to class. Up to you.

Hangover Joes

According to their website, Hangover Joe’s was formulated by a Laboratory Chemist who is an expert in the field. An expert on hangovers? Anyway, much like Gatorade replenishes electrolytes, Hangover Joe’s replenishes all the antioxidants and amino acids that are lost after a night of heavy alcoholic masochism. It also contains herbs and supplements that help your body recover. Not only that, the shot is comprised of 100% natural ingredients, which means it has to be good.

As of right now, the shots are being sold in cases only (24 bottles to a case). Apparently though, they have done very well in liquor stores and convenience stores where they are availiable. They have Facebook, and Twitter pages too so if the shit doesn’t work, you can let them know, and let them know hard. With 6,000 people subscribed to their Twitter account, the product seems to have a viral cult following, which is always a good sign.

hangover joes

My take? I haven’t tried the stuff yet, so I can’t really say if it works or if it doesn’t. In my experience, 21 beers over the course of 4 hours seem to effect everyone differently. Some people don’t even get hungover, and the symptoms are different for everyone, so it’s hard to believe that anybody could actually create a comprehensive hangover remedy. Am I planning to try it? Fuck yeah!

A particularly bad hangover is just about the worst thing in the world, so if Hangover Joe’s has managed to find the ultimate cure, then Thank God! So here’s a challenge socialites: go to your local convenience store and pick up some Hangover Joe’s. Then let us know what you think! The article will be posted on our Facebook account, so you can comment about your experience. You could also comment on the article itself. Enjoy Socialites! Hope to hear from you soon. Hangover Joe’s, I have faith.

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