Tradition: an inherited pattern of thought or action.

Traditions in College: Pledging, Beer Pong, Keg Stands, Flip Cup, Beer Bongs, Shotgunning and now introducing THE SLIZ.

While we are in college, it is our time to experience new things and welcome storied traditions into our lives.  Tradition is exactly the message that the SLIZ team brings to the table. My friends, I welcome you to the era of SLIZ.  Sliz is a new an innovative way to consume liquor, without ever tasting it.  It is a drinking vessel engineered to eliminate the cringe between taking a shot and reaching for a chaser.

Kelly Lavey and her company have begun to create quite a stir on different college campuses across the country where the SLIZ is now being used as a common drinking device and is infamously responsible for some of the best nights and inevitably some of the worst mornings imaginable.  As a current college Senior, at Penn State University, Lavey has begun distributing these eye catching cups and raising the question “What in the world is a SLIZ?”.  It sounds dirty, looks intimidating, and what this unique-martini looking cup is meant to do is  to help facilitate what all of us college kids do best:  DRINKING.

Kelly and the bright minds of team SLIZ have come together from an eclectic school of thought and with the perfect mix of majors, it will be no surprise when  the SLIZ cup is featured in bars all across the nation.  If one of these cups were in Sex and the City you can be sure that Samantha would have had it filled up at all times.  Let Kelly fill you in on the rest in our exclusive interview  as she gives us a look at her passion for the SLIZ cup!

So, Kelly please explain to our audience what exactly the SLIZ does…

The SLIZ is a new and innovative way to socially consume liquor, without ever really tasting it.

Having said that, I just pictured my face cringing from a shot of liquor that could easily be confused with gasoline. What is the Science behind the SLIZ that will prevent the dreaded cringe face and block out the taste?

The science behind the SLIZ is as follows; pour a shot in the cup followed by your chaser of choice. Don’t let it it sit too long. Suck the entire drink down as fast as you can and you have experienced a SLIZ. The better  you become at the SLIZ technique, the better the drink will taste.

Sounds simple enough…from where did the name “SLIZ” originate?  It’s the perfect mix of mystery and catchiness while also sounding kind of dirty.

Haha, that’s a good description. There was never really a moment that we had a revelation and said, “LET’S CALL IT A SLIZ CUP!” One of our friends whose name is Liz is a champion drinker and is always the life of the party. We started calling them SLIZ Cups and the name fell right into place.

When we spoke prior to our interview, you brought to our attention that the SLIZ concept was around in the 1980’s.  What was the reason why you decided to bring this crazy straw back from the dead?

To be clear, the SLIZ wasn’t around in the 80’s. After a lot of research we found that a similar design was created in the 80’s with no functionality that compares to the SLIZ. We enhanced the design to produce the attractive cups we now sell. We saw an opportunity and went for it.

(SLIZ TEAM FROM THE LEFT: Anthony Vella, Julie Wolf, Carolyn Rees, Kelly Lavey, and Maurio Fiore)

We are all about opportunity here at The Campus Socialite, so props to you for making a solid move.   So is reviving this awesome drinking receptacle concept from the 80’s like bringing back the DJ Tanner side pony?

We would not compare this to the revival of the side pony, mainly because this concept never existed before. We have created a product that provides something more than an easy way to take shots, we have created an experience.

There is no better tradition in college than drinking games.  Has anyone come up with drinking games for the SLIZ yet?  Fill us in if there is one:

SLIZ FEST! SLIZ Fests are the most intense and exciting of events. SLIZ Fests can be compared to Beer Olympics, only with liquor. The bottles of booze are marked with lines that represent how much must be consumed before advancing to the next level.  Here’s how it works:

1. Teams are typically divided by SLIZ cup color and require all members to contribute in a series of levels and SLIZ races. As the SLIZ Fest progresses, tasks become more difficult and hilarious. Keep in mind this is highly entertaining as team members lack coordination with each SLIZ.

2. Our most recent SLIZ Fest included levels such as dizzy bat, food consumption and several other physical challenges. The dizzy bat relay consisted of each team member spinning around ten times with their forehead touching the top of a wiffle ball bat and running to a checkpoint and back. After each team member successfully completed this level, they advanced to their next series of SLIZZES until it was time for the jelly bean hunt. Each team member had a plate full of whipped cream with ten jelly beans buried inside. Using no hands, each person had to find the jelly bean that represented their team color and present it to a SLIZ Official. Other physical challenges have included balloon passes with your knees, perfecting dances, and coloring pictures for precision. We like to be as creative as possible while keeping in mind the simplest of tasks can be challenging after numerous SLIZZES. We do encourage you to plan your own SLIZ Fests, but we ask that you do so responsibly.

So as the Founder, and I’m sure you are a pro Slizzer, how many SLIZ’s does it take until you’re bombed?

This is a tricky question. Reason being SLIZZES can sneak up on you. I usually take about seven or eight SLIZZES before heading out which puts me at a perfect level to make my way to the bars.

The SLIZ has a strong resemblance to a Martini glass…would you recommend Slizzing down a Martini?

The initial purpose of the SLIZ was to provide an easier way to take shots, but you can use your SLIZ anyway you want. We have found that cougars and “Real Housewives” absolutely love the idea of drinking their martini through a SLIZ cup.

What drinking product (if you had to choose) would you compare the SLIZ to?

The closest product we could compare the SLIZ to is a beer bong, except you’re downing liquor not beer. But what is great about the SLIZ is it is a shared experience. You should never do a SLIZ alone!

SLIZZING alone sounds awfully dangerous, so we’ll definitely keep that in mind.  Before the Sliz came about, were you a champion funneler?

We have and always will be champion funnelers. Although,  the last few years, our drinking area of interest has been to live and breathe SLIZ.

No better marketing campaign than to actually use your product to do what we love best.  What do you believe to be the best Shot and Chaser combo that works the best for your product?

We encourage you to try any combination’s that satisfy your own taste preferences. Our favorites are vodka with orange juice, white grape vodka with white grape juice and spiced rum with cherry coke.
Have you introduced the Sliz to the bar scene yet?

We have a bigger plan for the bar scene and we’re not ready to release it yet, but plan to see us fairly soon. On a side a note, we will be accepting photo applications of attractive women who are looking to break into alcohol promotion as potential SLIZ Girls.

The funnel, beer pong, the shotgun… How do you plan on making the SLIZ a staple drinking method like these venerated tools of boozing?

In the future we definitely hope to expand the SLIZ. We are currently working on new colors, designs and innovative drinking products. Our goal is to create a brand that will enhance your drinking experiences and allow anyone to be the life of the party.

Any parting shots to offer our party-going readers out there on how to best utilize the SLIZ on their nights out?­­

– Try to use chilled beverages and chasers
–  SLIZ what you can handle!
– Don’t blow bubbles
– Make sure you drink your SLIZ from the straw
– SLIZ with friends old and new, they’re a great icebreaker
– As always, please drink a SLIZ responsibly
How can our readers attain their very own SLIZ?

You can learn more about SLIZ and attain your own SLIZ cup at

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