Hazed & Confused: 10 Real Hazing Stories, 100% Anonymous

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Every week our friends at Hazed & Confused send us 10 of their best, worst, and weirdest pledge stories to post up. Here are this week’s winners. Got a better hazing story? Be sure to head over to their site and submit it. It’s 100% anonymous, and maybe it’ll find its way back to here next Wednesday.


1. “A few semesters back we gave the pledges a shit load of beer and made them all finish it while being locked in the basement with no bathroom and wearing diapers. And basically they had to finish all the beer and piss themselves before being let out the next morning.”

Now that has to suck! Once you “Break the Seal” you’re completely fucked. There is nothing worst then trying to hold it after you’ve had a couple beers. I would definitely not want to be one of these kids stuck down in this basement with pissed filled diapers all night. This just goes to prove how much it sucks to be a pledge.


2. “Last year right before initiation we made the pledges drink tiger blood. It wasn’t actually tiger blood but pig’s blood we get from a Chinese market’s nasty. Thanks, Charlie Sheen.”

Lol, I’m pretty sure this is not what Charlie Sheen was saying when he was talking about Tiger Blood. A bunch of fraternity brothers having their pledges drink actual blood. Not even pig’s blood, fuckkkk that. I’m not trying drinking anybody’s blood, unless I prick my finger and I’m trying not to make a mess. That’s some medieval shit.


3. “One thing I won’t forget from pledging was when they drove us down to a nearby farm, and on a dirt gravel filled road has us lie down and do extensive push-ups on our knuckles. We were all bleeding on our hands and I still have scars.”

These guys are taking pledge workouts to a whole new extreme. Haha bringing them to a gravel road to do push-up on their knuckles. That’s intense. And these kids have the scars to prove it. This is where you separate the men from the boys.


4. “A while back one of the pledges we had was a real douchebag, the brothers couldn’t stand him. One of those kids who thought he shouldn’t be hazed like the rest of the pledges, he was “special.” So one day the brothers grabbed him, sandwiched him in between two mattresses, duct taped them together all around and threw him off the front porch of the house. He dropped not much later.”

Hahaha, WTF. This actually cracked me up. Duct taping a kid between two mattresses and throwing him off the porch, this is genius. Lets face it almost every pledge class has that douchebag nobody could stand that your just hoping drops, what a great way to speed up the process. I don’t know how long im sticking around a fraternity after a bunch of the brothers put me between two mattresses and then threw me off a porch. That’s amazing.


5. “For Halloween our whole pledge class had to dress up as zombies and had to wander around the bars and parties with our arms out screaming brains for the majority of the night.”

I got to say I think this one’s pretty weak. At least make them dress up as a bunch of girls in princess costumes or something. At leas that’s funny. I mean if I saw a group of zombies wandering down my street screaming, I don’t have time to laugh cause I’m getting the hell out of there. I’d be grabbing the nearest weapon and running as fast as I can in the other direction. Nothing freaks me out more than a zombie breakout.


6. “All semester we had pledges scared because we told them they were going to be branded before they could be initiated. One night before pledging was over we blindfolded them and brought them outside to a fire. We took branding irons and put them in ice cold water and then pressed them against the pledges backs. They all freaked out thinking they were being branded not realizing at first that it was cold.”

These pledges should want you to brand them. They need to rep the brotherhood on their back. At least they show their loyalty by thinking there about to be branded for the brotherhood. I wish I knew what these kids were thinking when they first felt the branding irons touch their back. I love scaring the shit out of pledges.


7. “One night during pledging they gave us all big bottles of maple syrup and told us all to chug the bottle and first one done could go to sleep. They lied. I was the first one finished out of my pledge class and they said since I liked syrup so much, I should do another bottle. One was hard enough but getting that second bottle down suckkked. My pledge nickname was ‘Aunt Jemima’ from then on.”

I love the nickname: “Aunt Jemima.” I got to say I had to eat a lot of real nasty shit during pledging, but Syrup was definitely not one of them. I’m sure it’s not as pleasant as it sounds, but during pledging I would welcome this with open arms. Just no more shots of olive oil, cat food and mayo please.

8. “We told the pledges that every minute of a line up they had to drink a pint of milk or eat a cigarette…the key was to just go for the cig because we would just replace the milk over and over and wouldn’t let them leave until they asked if they could please eat a cigarette.”

Just give me the damn cigarette and let me get the hell out of there. I would be getting so pissed off when I keep picking to chug the milk and these brothers keep replacing it. But how dumb are these pledges, like clearly they want you to eat the cigarette and not drink the milk. Wake up, everything is a test and if your picking the milk, you’re clearly failing.


9. “During hell week the girls aren’t allowed to change their clothes or shower for the entire week, they hate it.”

Girls get off with such easy shit like this. Can’t shower or change clothes for entire week? That seems like more of a punishment for the person sitting next to these girls in classes than the actual pledges. I’m sure to these girls it was the worst week of their lives, but for me seems like a pretty light hell week.


10. “While I was pledging one of our toilets in the house wasn’t working and you couldn’t flush it. Well, one night during a party, one of my drunk pledge brothers forgot and used the toilet. He was caught coming out of the bathroom by one of the brothers who immediately called him out on it. He then forced the kid to get a bucket and clean the overflowing toilet of shit and piss with his hands, it was disgusting…”

That is fucking nasty! Holy shit, no pun intended. Talk about getting your hands dirty. If I were this kid I think I would fucking cry. Oh man this could be the worst thing I’ve ever heard. Whoever this happened to, I am sorry you were ever put through such cruelty. I would of dropped out of that fraternity in 2 seconds before im cleaning up this dudes overflowing shit with my hands. No thanks

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