By: Molly Cody (Penn State and The SLIZ Team)

Remakes on the big screen are becoming as much of a fad in tinsel town as the new “don’t hate me because I cheated on my wife 12 times” sex addicted celebs.  To remake a movie instead of produce a new one seems like a cop-out, or like saying you have sex addiction when you really just cheat on your spouse.

With ticket, popcorn, and slushy prices raising constantly, a lot of people (in particular college kids) can’t afford to go to the movies anymore. And they especially can’t afford to go see a movie they might not enjoy. As a solution, Hollywood has come to rely on remakes to generate money in an industry that has been stunted by the recession.

There are currently over 75 remakes in the works, and some are already completed and scheduled for their 2010 release. “Clash of the Titans”, which opens April 2, is a remake of the original which opened in 1981. The film is just one in a long list of recycled scripts in the movie industry, with “Predator”, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”,” and Death at a Funeral” opening this year.

One big-wig in the industry that has been known to dip into the remake pool is Disney. “The Parent Trap”, “Freaky Friday”, “Race to Witch Mountain”, and “Alice in Wonderland” are just a few of the movies Disney has updated. The recently released “Alice in Wonderland” showed audiences a new twist on a classic tale and has earned over $260 million.

“Alice in Wonderland was good, but not that good. They changed it to Alice coming back to Wonderland which was interesting because it gave you another perspective. I liked how they updated it, and it was in 3-D but other than that nothing stood out,” said Jessie Robbins, a student at Penn State.

Not only has the remake craze infiltrated the big screen, it has infiltrated your living room. Television networks are facing the same qualms as movie studios and want profit for their pay, not more canceled TV shows. Melrose Place, 90210, and Parenthood have all been remade for TV, all hoping for the big ratings their 90s versions once had.

So why is the entertainment industry doing this to us? How many more of our favorite movies have to be botched until they stop? The studios are remaking movies because they need a sure-thing in a sinking economy. They don’t want to risk having a box-office failure and lose millions of dollars. Remakes provide a built-in audience to the studio because the name is already known to fans.

Some remakes that are in production or pre-production in 2010: “Romancing the Stone”, “Karate Kid”, “Footloose”, “Poltergeist”, “Child’s Play”, “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, “Rosemary’s Baby”, and “My Fair Lady”.

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