Holy Lost! – A Thorough Examination of Season 6, Episode 7: “Dr. Linus”

By: mos jef

Like many other college kids in America, I pledged a fraternity and like just about every other fraternity pledge, I was forced to undergo physical anguish during lineups. One of everyone’s least favorite activities was the good ole’ “Think About It.” I’m sure it’s been called by many names in many places. Essentially, when the Pledgemaster tells you to “think about it,” you drop to the ground and get into this position:, except your fists are under your chin as if you’re…you guessed it…thinking about something. Now, like the writers and creators of LOST, Pledgemasters would get all cutesy with the way they told you to think about it. “Well, well, well…y’all really f*cked up this time. Why don’t you think about it.” Or…”Blah blah blah…I think we just gave you a lot to think about!”

I feel like I’m pledging again. And I just want it to be over.


Quote of the episode: I’m torn between one by a character, and one by one of the characters on TV.

“You really had me fooled with that sweater vest.” – Leslie Arzt, who like me, doesn’t approve of sweater vests


“I wouldn’t mind touching me some young Kate.” – J Dubbs (more on this one later)

We enter our flash-sideways with some great potential. Dr. Benjamin Linus, who of course would be the teacher to bring sushi for lunch. You know how I know you’re gay, Ben Linus? You bring sushi for lunch like Molly Ringwald in the Breakfast Club. Despite his dietary antics, Ben takes care of his seemingly sweetheart of a father and tutors his brightest, sexiest student, Alex Rousseau. Then things got a little…suspect throughout.

NOTE: I still love this show. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be wasting my time watching it, writing about it, talking about it, etc. I just think with 9 episodes left…nearly halfway into the last season ever, they should be giving us more answers than questions. As we all do. Even if they’re little answers: Why was Libby in the insane asylum? Why can Hurley see dead people (such as David, Libby’s dead husband)? What are those whispers? What happened to Walt? Why does Miles’s dad change his name in every video? Etc…

Ilana tells us “Jacob was the closest thing I ever had to a father.” Clearly. Every single one of our characters has daddy issues. Every. Single. One. So come on, everyone, let’s bring that “preggo on the island thing” on back. My gut still tells me Kate is pregnant. She slept with Jack right before the second plane crash – and they used to date so something tells me Jack wasn’t all about reaching for the condoms. They had to recreate the plane crash as much as possible – Claire was pregnant on Oceanic Flight 815. Claire is going to want a baby in exchange for the one Kate took. They need to explain why pregnancy is so complicated on the island. Jack is going to have to sacrifice himself for the island. And similar to Michael Bay’s masterpiece, “Pearl Harbor,” ( Sawyer will have to man up, be with Kate, and take care of her bastard child.

Dr. Linus heating up his food in the microwave must’ve been a little “smirk” for the writers. Hunched over their MacBooks at a Coffee Bean thinking, “Oh I like this. This is just a little reminder that Ben Linus put all those metal things in the greenhouse station, blew up the wall and revealed the giant wheel. Oh we’re good. We are very good.”

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6 Candidates left. We knew about Shepard (could be Jack, Claire?, Christian, Aaron?), Ford, Reyes, Kwon and Jarrah. I don’t think that Kwon is the plural of Kwon. Which brings me back to exactly what I’ve been saying for weeks — #108! Now timing will have you believe that this is Charles Widmore. But come on, we all know Desmond is coming back to the island and he’s going to break his promise to Charles and bring Penny on over with him. It’s all like LOST roulette.

Just a quick thought — what a miserable shovel to have to dig sand with. A piece of bamboo full of holes? It’s like trying to drink something through a straw that has a cut on its side… you know what I’m talking about?

Are Nikki and Paulo going to become important again? Are their diamonds going to serve as Miles’s temptation away from what is good and right? Just another question.

And now we get into the good stuff. Richard, the big drama queen, trudges into the Black Rock (where he hasn’t been to since he’s been in chains on the way to the island) and claims he’s going to die. He doesn’t age because Jacob gave him a gift. He touched him. This gives us an answer – but mostly gives us more questions. Kind of a Paula Abdul/Animated Cat “two steps forward…two steps back” scenario.

Richard, who can’t be comfortable in that heat and humidity while wearing a button down and Dockers, has been touched by Jacob and can’t age. He can’t kill himself. But somehow in these rules, someone can do the killing on his behalf.

Jack – touched by Jacob in the hospital. We haven’t really seen him age much.

Hurley – touched by Jacob in the cab – hasn’t aged yet.  Kwons – touched at the their wedding – Asians age very well. But these two haven’t really aged.  Sayid – touched on a Los Angeles street corner – hasn’t aged.  Locke – touched. Shaved his head for a new look – but hasn’t really aged.

But what then about young Kate and young Sawyer? Both of them were touched by Jacob. They both aged – as we can tell. (This is what prompted J Dubb’s quote as seen above.)

This whole series of events should bring some major moments into focus.

(1) Season 1 – Locke tells Jack, and I’m paraphrasing as I don’t remember the exact quote, “You think it’s an accident we crashed on this island…most of us with only artificial wounds?”  Is this the reason they survived the plane crash – something that unless you’re flying over the Hudson River will most likely kill you? Did Jacob touch Charlie, Claire, Shannon, Boone…etc?

Charlie almost died by the hands of Ethan once, but Jack got there in time, maybe, to save his life?

Sayid WAS dead.

Locke was shot through his empty kidney hole by Ben.

Jack was going to kill himself, was going to jump off the bridge (when he was one of the O6) until there was a car accident behind him, he gave up his suicide attempt and again saved a life. Maybe he would’ve survived the impact when jumping off the bridge, but there just so happened to be a coincidence that there was a distracting emergency that needed a hero right in his grasp?

What we need to do is establish these rules. And they have to be CLEAR CUT. When you’re working with magic, the audience must be with you. They must understand that there are rules that everyone is following. And we MUST KNOW why Richard doesn’t age, but Kate and Sawyer did.

(2) Let’s think back on when Michael tried to kill himself. Big Gay Tom, the once bearded Other, laughed off the idea. He said “the island” wouldn’t let Michael die. Just like Richard?

I remember Michael being visited by Christian. Christian rolls with Claire, who rolls with Ballsmell. To me, it would seem that Ballsmell is the one that wouldn’t let Michael die. Christian even gave Michael permission to go right before he blew up on the freighter.  Does Ballsmell have the same ability to give the gift of life that Jacob has?

His job as Kevin Johnson aboard the ship was to kill everyone on board. This is according to Tom. But Tom was living with Ben’s crew, who was guided by Richard, who were followers of Jacob. So was Michael, probably like every other survivor, being played by BOTH sides? Were Ben and his others following Ballsmell instead of Jacob without knowing it?

And then Libby comes out of left field and tells Michael not to blow up the ship. So whose side is she on? I have a bad feeling that this whole little subsection is something that will never be cleared up…

(3) Does there have to be a loophole in order to kill the ones Jacob touched? I ask this because when we think back about when the black smoke was just that…it spared Eko the first time around. Assuming Eko was touched once, in a non-Oz type way, did Ballsmell have to find a different way to kill him? There clearly has to be a loophole to allow Richard to die – so why not everyone else Jacob touched?

(4) This is a huge moment in the overall theme of the show. Science vs. Faith. Scientifically – there is no way Hurley can be “a mile away” from the black rock by the time the dynamite was supposed to explode. But please, I would love to see Hurley’s 40 time at the NFL draft combine. Even for an Offensive Tackle he’d be at the bottom.

Scientifically – Jack in every other season prior to this one would be running right alongside Hurley. He would hear Richard’s argument, give an incredulous laugh, look to the side or to the ground, and then tell Richard why he was wrong about whatever it was he was talking about. But now, Dr. Sheppard believes just as Locke always has. He believes he is special. He has what it takes. He has become a man of faith. Forget what it means. Just take it for the significant turning point it has to be.

Again, the flash-sideways, shows a new and improved character. I mean even Ben’s father seems to be an improved person. Kinder. More prone to speak openly with his son without the assistance of alcohol. Ben sacrificed power for the good of someone he cared about – free will that was pounded home with…

“Because he’s the only one that’ll have me!” Just like Chris Farley in Wayne’s World 2…who’s “got no place else to go” after being pummeled by tennis balls.  I’m sorry to put another YouTube clip above, but this movie still makes me laugh constantly. And man do I miss me some Farley.

Besides the question of “What kind of principal went to Yale?” there’s another big question that Ben’s story line made me think of.

Ballsmell said he didn’t want to kill Ben. He wanted to leave him behind to look after the island.

This is mere days after Ballsmell told Sawyer about Jacob’s list of candidates. These candidates are there to possibly take over Jacob’s role as protector of the island. Ballsmell scoffs at the idea. “It’s just an island. It doesn’t need to be protected.” Yet he turns right around and tells Ben that he wants to give him the distinct honor. Again, our guy is playing both sides of the coin. We’ve all had that internal tug-o-war in questioning if Ballsmell was really the bad guy in all this. Is there any doubt now?

And enter the Rope a Dope in the form of a submarine. No – Kelsey Grammar isn’t chilling down there. It’s faux #108 Charles Widmore. The one they want you to believe is the 6th Candidate. Followed by the strangest music to accompany a LOST preview in 6 seasons. Six seasons coming to this…

But it only ends once. 9 episodes from now. Everything else is just progress.

“too many questions”

-mos jef

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