Holy Lost! – Shedding Light on Season 6, Episode 5: “Lighthouse”

By: mos jef 

Like a girl who just received a text message, I’m reading way too much into this show. 

You see, here’s my beef. The writers know that time is running out. We know it too, but the difference is we can’t do anything about it. What do they do? They sprinkle the show with little quotes, add some ominous tones, and all of a sudden these quotes have such deep meanings. Weight. That’s the theme of tonight’s episode. 

 Reacting To Last Night's Lost Episode:  

Quote of the episode:

Mind you, this was difficult, b/c I’ll be dropping quotes throughout, but…

“You made me write down way too much stuff and I just lied to a Samurai.”            

                                                   –   Hugo Reyes

I don’t care what context you say that in, that’s just straight up good comedy. In fact, I’m going to make a conscious effort to work “I just lied to a Samurai” into my everyday speech. “How was last night, man?” “Listen, friend, I just lied to a Samurai. How do you think last night was?”

The first thing I thought of when I saw Jack’s flashback scar was – has to be from when Kate stitched him up, right? I mean what kid doesn’t remember getting his appendix out? However the wound that Kate patched up was closer to Jack’s back. Then I was reminded that Juliet removed Jack’s vestigial organ on the island. Seems pretty forgettable to me too. So what’s the significance of the same scar in the flashback? One possibility, and this is a long shot, is that Jack is losing his memory from time jumping just like Daniel Faraday did. Just like Charlotte did. Perhaps these picture-perfect alternate universe flashbacks seem to be the solution, but they’re just another problem. Again, total long shot. But I can’t figure out why they would even bring up the scar in such detail if they didn’t want us focusing on it. Like I said, girl with a text message.

“Everything’s an option. But I’d have to stop you.”  Dogen chimes in with the first weighted quote of the night. And then…

“Tie again, dude.” Hurley and Myles playing makeshift tic-tac-toe. Two men with a similar set of skills. Evenly matched. One light, one…Asian. Or, one light and one overweight. Either way, light and dark? In an ongoing game of tic-tac-toe? It’s as if they’re really trying to dumb it down for us. “You guys don’t know backgammon? No? Alright, what about chess? Too complicated? Ok, check it out…it’s like tic-tac-toe. Simple enough?”  


Jacob talks a lot about free will. So much so that he tells Hurley what to say to Dogan. “Tell him you’re a candidate and that you can do what you want.” Interesting. He tells Hurley to tell this dude that he can do what he wants. Take that Alanis Morissette and your “10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife.” 

Jacob then tells Hurley to pull a Costanza, write down “the move” to get through the Temple on his arm. Then he puts the words in the pleasantly plump character’s mouth to convince Jack to accompany him. 

“You have what it takes.” Immediately, we should think of the flashback Jack has when he comes home from school after a fight. Jack obviously took the wrong end of a beating and Christian tells him, “Don’t try and play the hero, Jack. You don’t have what it takes.” Hurley is the ideal candidate to protect the island if Jacob wants to play puppet master forever. For this reason, Hurley’s odds of being the leading candidate have reduced significantly. 

Why didn’t Jin speak up sooner about Aaron being with Kate? At first I thought, well he just didn’t know. When your friends who left the island show up in the 70’s, and your wife is missing, you don’t really play catch up about Claire’s bastard child. But he clearly did know the truth, so why not interject a bit earlier? Wouldn’t that have made sense? (1) Jin could lead Claire back to the Temple, where he was heading in the first place. (2) He would be safe if he thought Claire had gone mad, until he got there. And once he did he’d have a crew to protect him. (3) He could get proper medical attention on his leg from the Universal Studios brown water.

Another weighted line when Claire comments on Jin’s leg and how we wouldn’t want it to get “infected.”

At the next commercial break, my friend Anthony said he wanted to be an Olympic Curler. I looked at him, and plainly said, “You don’t have what it takes.” Boom. Full circle.

We see Adam and Eve again – Hurley confirms it’s going to end up being characters we’re familiar with. And now I’m almost positive it’s Desmond and Penny…

23 – Address on Jack’s wife’s house. Also the number he was assigned by Jacob. Also the jersey number of LeBron James, future captain of the New York Knickerbockers.

If I were a couple’s counselor, I would make a fortune off Jack. Yes, he’d probably respond to my advice with that little frustrated laugh he does, look away, take a sudden breath, and then look me in the eyes and tell me why I’m wrong. But the cat doesn’t listen. To anyone. He gets cable in his son’s room so he can watch the Red Sox – another reason for me to want to punch Jack in the kidney – when David’s obviously a Dodgers fan as evidence from the picture.

If we think about it, Jack’s second stint on the island has lasted how long? A couple of weeks (if that) in the Dharma camp and a couple of days in the Temple? He wants everything to be fixed immediately. Jack’s got too much Coldplay on his iPod. Download, “Patience” by Guns n’ Roses, Doc! Listen to Axl’s words of wisdom.

And thanks to Dogan, adding a little more to read into. “Your son has a gift.” Yea? So did Walt, according to a lot of people, including Locke and the Others.  The more we see of that alternate universe, the more I question it. It’s too perfect. Claire gets to raise Aaron like she really wanted. Locke accepts his disability and lives happily with Helen. Hurley is the luckiest guy of all-time. Kate appears to be out of the reach of the law. And Jack gets to be the father he never had. Tough luck for Rose, though.

In Sayid’s flashback are they going to show him having a threesome with Nadia and SHAN-NON!? Once they show us how perfect everyone’s lives are, they’re going to have to show us Ballsmell like lurking in the US Senate or something. Something has to be wrong here. I believe that won’t be cleared up until we find out where Richard is in this bizarro world.

Maybe Jack smashing the mirrors at the lighthouse was free will. Maybe not. Jacob wanted him to see that he was important. I think the more important question from this scene is who is number 108 that Jacob wants to get to the island…and then confidently assumes will find his/her way without the help of the lighthouse?

Desmond lived in the hatch for years. Had to push a button every 108 minutes. We know he’s going to go back to the island. We know that, against Charles Widmore’s wishes, he’s going to take Penny to the island with him. And maybe the two of them are the rightful protectors of the island. Des has been indirectly looking out for the place for years and Penny is an heir to the throne. Makes sense that they’re the Adam and Eve skeletons. Also, we can start asking ourselves if there are more numbered candidates, (not 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) who have not been crossed out yet. Do Jacob and Ballsmell have different candidates? For example if Ford was #15 and has been recruited by Ballsmell, #23 Sheppard could be Claire (as she is Christian’s daughter,) another Ballsmell recruit. One Kwan could be on Jacob’s side, and the other can be on Ballsmell’s. Hurley once said the numbers are bad, so…#108 still seems to be a wildcard.


We can assume the bad person heading to the temple is Ballsmell. But don’t discount the fact that it might be Claire. This will clear up, and will be one of the miniscule questions they answer in the coming weeks. At least now Jin can talk some sense into Sawyer when they all head over to the temple together through the jungle. Jin’s broken English making Sawyer think twice about his actions is about as old school as Hurley and Jack trekking to do a mission they don’t understand. With an end in sight?

But it only ends once. 12 episodes from now. Everything else is just progress.

 “too many questions”

– mos jef 

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