Summer is the season that brings dangerous levels of intoxication, parties rowdier than Roddy Piper, and, for many of us, many weekend afternoons on the golf course.  For my money, fewer things are more satisfying than the perfect golf shot – it’s a high surpassed only by a live performance of Michael Bolton’s “When a Man Loves a Woman” (bonus Socialite points for whoever can name that movie reference in the comments section).  For as gratifying as golf can be, it takes persistence and continued practice to develop a consistent stroke and score well each round – a skill that is refined only through work at the driving range.  One exciting new product is bringing the range home to you and helping lower more handicaps than the Red Cross.

With daily work obligations, the inconvenience of driving long distances, and the prices charged at most facilities, getting swings in at the driving range is a hassle for the average golfer.  The typical range will charge $8-10 for a bucket of 50 balls and since they don’t get many chances to work on their game, golfers will buy two buckets and swing ’til they’re exhausted.  As an avid golfer, I know I speak for many when I say I’d rather pay less, practice in a more private setting, and hit balls at my own pace – that’s where the Teed Up Portable Driving Range comes into play.

For just around $80 at, you can purchase one of the most innovative and practical golf training aids around – the Teed Up Portable Driving Range.  Easy to set up in your own yard, the Teed Up ball setter holds up to 45 golf balls and conveniently places them onto a rubber driving tee for you to hit into the 9’ x 7’ sports net.  The ball setter is ideal for any golfer with back issues or just the average lazy dude who would rather not manually place each ball on the tee.  Keeping with the stress-free trend, the Teed Up also comes complete with a Shag Stick, which, despite the suggestive title, is not as dirty as it may sound since it’s purpose its to quickly pick up all balls from the ground without having to bend over.

By allowing the user to find rhythm and consistency in their golf swing and develop good habits while exercising and building muscle memory, the Teed Up is a no-brainer for anyone looking to hustle some friends out of their cash for 18 holes every weekend.  With summer underway and more foursomes hitting the courses than a Ron Jeremy film, you’ll be glad to have Teed Up as your new swing coach and making you play like this guy in no time.


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