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It’s Summer time Socialites! I know we keep repeating that, but Summer is that time of year where a Campus Socialite can really flourish. School might be out, but those skills you hone and develop all Winter long on Campus, can be used to their fullest capability, every day, afternoon, and especially night during the hot months. Out on the sun-soaked streets, in the outdoor bars, and where else but the beach. Instead of rooting around the local mall, looking for a girl in an extra low-cut sweater, you can now go to the beach and see hot girls, out in troves, donning the same amount of clothes they would be wearing if they worked at a strip-club. For Campus Socialites, the beach is the place to be, but in case you didn’t make it out today, we’re bringing the beach to you, in all of its fleshy glory with 20 Hot Girls On The Beach. Oh, and for all you land-locked Socialites, this is what the beach looks like. The lake doesn’t count.

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