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Everyone’s had that teacher. The one who’s class you actually show up to early so you can sit in the front row. You raise your hand, voluntarily stay after class! You can’t even write the paper on Victorian Literature she assigned without getting a semi. Sound familiar? The worst part is…she fucking knows it. The talk, the walk. In fact, if she happened be standing in a frat house basement with a Corona in her hand and one broken stiletto, you would swear she was actually into you. Here’s a list of those little things that teachers do that make you wanna bend her over that desk and give her some detention…old school style.

Showing Her Midriff

hot girl

There’s things in a classroom. Necessary, everyday things that always seem to be just out of your teacher’s reach. It’s so cute. She walks over to the shelf, stands on her tippy-toes, reaches up and BANG! Skin. Not too much skin. Just a tiny bit of smooth flat stomach to take a lasting mental picture of. The rest is up to your imagination, and that just may be the best part.

Button Slightly Undone

hot teacher

Teachers love the button up sweaters and blouses. So do we. She probably thought she would look conservative when she put it on that morning. Little did she know that the “teacher” in that porn you watched last night was wearing the exact same sweater, and we all know how that turned out. The best part is when your teacher leaves that one button open. One button shows absolutely nothing but just one more, and out comes the chest. You know that 2nd button is there to stay, but hey, a guy can dream.

Sitting on Desk Legs Crossed

When’s the last time you had a teacher fantasy and the desk wasn’t involved. Flat, almost the size of a bed, but just far enough from a bed to make it exotic. When she sits on that desk, she’s half way to laying on it, or bent over it, or chained to it by her wrists (I’ll stop). Plus, if she’s wearing one of those pencil skirts, she can hide behind her crossed legs, but that skirts gonna ride up just a little bit.

“Can I speak to you after class”

hot teacher with pointer

She wants to speak to you after class. Probably just wants to talk to you about the fact that although you raise your hand on average 5 times a class, you don’t seem to recall any information on tests. But don’t lie. Your mind starts to wonder. You recall that time she smiled at you in the hall, and when she kinda winked at you while trying to rub the itch out of her eye. What’s going to happen? Should I use her desk or the floor? Like I said, it’s ok to dream.

Leaning over Desk during Test

hot teacher leaning over desk

Since you don’t actually pay attention to her lectures, your most likely going to have a couple of questions when test time comes. When she comes over to help you, she bends all the way over that desk. You feel her breath, get a whiff of her perfume, and whatever legitimate question you asked goes right out the window. Just smile and nod, shift your hips as far under the desk as possible, and enjoy the face time.

Bending Over to Pick Up Chalk

hot teacher with chalk

The only thing better than a hot teacher, is a hot, clumsy teacher. You know at some point that chalk is going to end up on the floor, and gentlemanly as you are, you’re sure as hell not picking it up. It’s show time baby. She makes that cute oops face, walks over to where that beautiful piece of rogue chalk fell, and the knees start to bend.

Requests Tutoring

hot teacher

If asking you to stay after class makes your mind wander, then asking you for some one on one tutoring time means all out fantasy mode. Who knows what could happen in that office? You will be all alone in her office for at least an hour. Why does she want to tutor you anyway? It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that your test grades are on par with a drunken 5 year old’s. Is this finally it? Nah chief. Probably not.


hot teacher with glasses

The fact that she’s your teacher is hot enough. When she actually conforms to cheesy porn created stereotypes, it’s even hotter. Few types of girls can pull off the hot in glasses look, and teachers are most certainly one of them. Remember in all the 90’s movies when the nerdy girl pulled off her glasses, and was suddenly super hot. Well, the 90’s are over. Leave them on teach. The porn industry will take care of the rest.

“You’re so nice/thoughtful!”

hot teacher pin-up

Compliments are always that much better when they come from a hot girl. Even if it’s a hot girl who you have virtually no chance with. Teachers don’t often compliment their students, and it’s this rarity that makes it extra sexy. “You’re so nice.” “That’s so thoughtful.” It may not be “Oh my god! It’s so big!” but it’s something.

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