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By Jon Mann, (Hofstra University)

As part of my internship with The Campus Socialite I get mad spoils such as free Sorority Row t-shirts that aren’t total social suicide and copious amounts of popchips, the healthier and might I add delicious alternative for “hungry” kids, but every so often I get to see a free movie screening that is worth the mile of gas to and from the local Cineplex.  This was the case with Hot Tub Time Machine. Now I’m going to go on the record here saying that if you’re looking for a movie with a lot or even a little depth or a film that breaks the typical template for a Hollywood comedy, you might leave only slightly amused, but the best part about the film is doesn’t try to hide its stupidity, in fact it acknowledges how ridiculous it is.

The unadulterated silliness becomes extremely evident when Craig Robinson turns towards the audience and says “It’s like some sort of hot tub time machine,” and then looks at the camera with the most unconvincing disgusted look as if he can’t believe the words that just came out of his mouth. Most people will try to compare this movie to The Hangover as it employs the same kind of unpredictable humor and idiosyncratic characters, but that’s just about where the comparisons stop. If I had to make any comparisons to The Hangover, I would say that Rob Corddry is Zach Galifianakis on meth, he truly steals almost every scene of the movie with an extremely bold performance that was just down right uproarious.  Craig Robinson continues to play the prototypical black dude to a T, his character doesn’t really add any layers on to his role as Darryl from The Office or his work in Pineapple Express, but he’s funny and original enough to where he doesn’t really have to. Even creepy Crispin Glover throws in a solid performance as the begrudged one-handed hotel bellhop. Back in time however, Crispin Glover’s character has his arm, and hilarity ensues as he is constantly put in positions in which his doomed arm is in peril. The movie toys with this concept just enough to where it is hilarious each time he avoids losing his hand until he inevitably does and then it’s only funny like Quentin Tarantino movies are funny.

Overall I found this movie highly entertaining, I mean its no Blind Side (yep that’s sarcasm, can you believe this movie was nominated to win best picture?  Like fucking seriously let’s just release a gimmicky heartwarming movie around Christmas and see if we can attract “the average moviegoer,” but anyway I digress), it isn’t anything that hasn’t been done before, but it isn’t quite the same old shtick. If you want to laugh at a comedy with solid performances and original characters, suspend your disbelief at the door and go see Hot Tub Time Machine on Friday, March 26. Isn’t the real reason we go to movies is to escape reality anyway? (come on it’s a nice touch)

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