Hottest Month Of The Year Presents: Amy H. (Pics)

Hailing from the University of Northern Iowa, Amy H. makes the local Iowan men drool. She’s the total package too; brains, looks and personality.  So let’s get to know her a little better with our exclusive interview and all the hottest pictures.

The Campus Socialite: If you could go on a date with any person, who would it be and why?

Amy H: I would go on a date with Shia LaBeouf because he’s slightly nerdy and extremely good looking. Just my type.

TCS: When NFL Players win the Super Bowl, they say that they are going to Disney Land. If you win the Hottest Month Of The Year, where will you go and why?

AH: I would go to the Bahamas because it’s so gorgeous and relaxing, I could lay on the beach for hours.

TCS: If this was a red carpet event, who would you be wearing? (dress, shoes, accessories)

AH: Giorgio Armani dress because they are sexy and flattering, I love Jessica Simpson’s shoes so probably something from her, and a diamond Tiffany’s necklace of course.

TCS: Given an unlimited budget at your fantasy mall, what four stores would you go to first?

AH: Express, Bloomingdale’s, Pac Sun, DSW

TCS: If this was a beauty contest, what would you do for the talent portion?

AH: Attempt to sing? Haha

TCS: If you were given an interview for your dream job with any company, which company would it be and what position would it be for?

AH: Denver Broncos, Marketing Director


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