Scarves: the “keep-me warm during a snow storm” must-have winter apparel turned main staple of any fashionista’s wardrobe. Whether they are leopard printed or fringed, decked out with multi-colored peace signs, or traditional plaid, they transform a comfortable outfit consisting of a Hanes tee-shirt and leggings into a high fashion ensemble. For all the scarf-lovers out there, and even those who have yet to jump on the trend, we have the best new addition to your closet. The donni charm collection.

donni charm set themselves apart from the rest with the unique application of a good luck charm dangling from the front of the scarf.  Something a little different yet so completely fabulous you will have all of your friends wondering how they can get their hands on these fashion forward scarves.

But these scarves are so much more than just a fashion statement; they are an inspiration. “A charming way to remember the people you love…” is what the tagline reads. After the unexpected loss of her father Donny at a young age, creator Alyssa Wasko needed a project to keep her busy, and donni charm was just the ticket.

There are two collections to choose from. donni forever and donni together. The donni forever scarves are in a continuous design and come in colors ranging from burgundy to metallic grey. donni together consists of two elongated scarves in different colors that flatter each other. Choose from blends such as black & grey or charcoal & beige. Depending on the color of the scarf there will be an option of two charms that will best compliment the shade and design of the one you choose. The charms include wings, Buddhas, hamsas, and peace signs, in either silver bronze or gold.

Designed with a lot of love, creating a little bit of luck, these lovely scarves are a must have for all Campus Divas.  To purchase or to find out more about the donni charm collection check out

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