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How do you get an Alligator onto a Chair? Throw A Yarmulke on his Head

My first cousin and his wife recently were blessed with their first child and although I do not see them as often as I would like, I am able to document their wonderful baby boy’s development through the wonders of a digital camera and photo sharing services.  As I opened up and scrolled through the most recent pictures of the newest addition to my family, I noticed that this set was different from the others as somehow some pictures from a wedding slipped into the mix.  At first I just rifled through the wedding shots with little interest – it looked like any other black tie affair complete with finger food, free booze, the Electric Slide, and a jazz band with a soulful, sassy, and chocolaty front man.  Needless to say that when I saw one of the most recognizable faces in college sports as the guest of honor this wedding moved from classy and elegant to now epic.  Read on to see how the face of one of the country’s finest athletic institutions found some time away from the swamp and into the memories of all those lucky enough to be present at the wedding of Robert and Alison Streit.

My cousin just happened to be the best man at this legendary wedding and was able to get some real face time with UF mascot Albert the Alligator as he stole the show with his patented chomp and some new moves from his Jewish bag of tricks.  After the bride and groom were honored with the traditional Jewish wedding dance, it was time for Albert to face the music as the centerpiece of the Hora.  With the assistance of some strong Gator alums, Al was hoisted up onto a chair and thrust through the air much like the BCS trophies and NCAA D-I basketball titles UF has collected in recent years.

The happy couple booked Albert six months prior to their wedding date and was pleasantly surprised to get the reptilian mascot in both a yarmulke and the chair to commemorate the most important day of their lives.  The Streits took the phrase “It’s Great to be a Gator,” to new lengths and are now rumored to have extended an advanced invitation to Tim Tebow to perform the circumcision on their first born son.  Mazel Tov Rob and Alison.

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