How to Condense Your Summer into Two Weeks

By: Jessica Sorentino (University of Delaware)

When summer began, we were all so excited to have the full-time internship that will eventually benefit us in some way professionally. Yet now that that’s over and school is about to restart, you have about two weeks to do everything you didn’t get to do all summer.

How do you make up for all that lost time with friends and family? Do you go back to school pale from sitting in an office listening to Justin Timberlake sing “Carry Out” (which came out in the spring but it’s the latest hit you’ve heard)? I think not. Let’s briefly talk about how to condense your summer into these last precious days.

Before you head back, make sure to check the top radio station websites for the most recent summer jams or just check out Summer Jams: The Season’s Top New Artists here on The Campus Socialite. Update your iPod, bring a book for leisure (since you won’t have time for that when school starts) and hit the beach. Get some color. The ultimate sign of a successful summer is funky tan lines and sun freckles.

Also, as a college student, good food is hard to come by so my biggest suggestion is have your mom make your favorite meals and pack ‘em up to bring back to school. Trust me, all your friends will be jealous at your gourmet lasagna and chicken cutlets. Plus, it’ll save you some money the first week or two you’re at school.

Lastly, rest. This is crucial because if you’re a returning college student you know rest is extremely limited during the school year, and if you’re an incoming Freshie you’ll learn that really fast. Take advantage of the free time to sleep while you have it.

Whatever you decide to do with your last few days, make sure to get slightly wreckless, take pictures and capture the memories of the last social outings you’ve had this summer.

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