How To Edit Your Social Media Photos Perfectly

So, you want to have jealousy-inducing photos for social media? You’re at the right place. If you follow our guide on how to edit your social media photos perfectly, everybody will think you’re a superstar!

Get the Basics Right

The most significant difference between an amateur and a trend-setting photographer is getting the basics right. Before you even choose those excellent filters and color effects, you first need to do basic editing.

Here are a couple of essential tasks you can do to get the basics sorted in no time at all:

  • Always brighten the eyes.
  • Remove any blemishes.
  • Whiten the teeth.
  • Crop your photo to minimize any elements that distract from the subject.
  • Blur the background slightly.

We also recommend that you use Facetune’s guide for editing hair in selfie photos to get your subject’s hair looking just right. Getting the basic, easy edits quickly out of the way will give you more time to edit the aspects of your photos that’ll truly set you apart from the flock.

With all of the basic editing done, it’s time to move on to your new secret weapon. Superstar, meet your filters.

There’s a Filter for Every Occasion

Getting your social media photos to look fabulous is a lot like building a brand. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience in building brands. It’s pretty easy if you take it step by step!

The main secret to building a brand or becoming a social media superstar is consistency. This secret applies to your filters as well. The best way to get a consistent look is to use the same filter across several photos.

When you use a filter, you can completely alter the mood of a photo. Using that same filter across all of your photos creates a consistent brand that will separate you from the try-hards and other amateurs.

Luckily, you don’t have to stick with the same old dull filter for the rest of your social media superstar career. If you want some variety, look for filters that have the same feel or mood.

All of your photos should complement each other and be easily recognizable. Perhaps you’ll be a vintage star or something more pop, and contemporary is your style.

There’s a filter there for any occasion, and they’re convenient to have. Be careful not to overuse filters, as this can also make you appear amateurish. However, consistent use of filters is just one part of your success.

Consistent Colors Are Cool

Remember that handy tip about keeping your editing style consistent across all of your social media photos? Keeping your colors consistent is another excellent way to edit your social media photos perfectly.

The University of Loyola in Maryland did a study on consistent color usage. They found that using the same color schemes can up your recognition by at least 80%.

All of the prominent Instagram stars do it. They use the same colors across all of their social media photos. Doing this makes them easily recognizable.

So, add a splash of blue for a summer feel. Or try your hand at adding green for some natural energy in your photos. A hint of color used throughout all of your photos is a great way to make you stand out from the crowd.

Time to Add Flair

Our final tip for perfectly editing those social media photos is this: add some flair. Something unique to set you apart.

Perhaps you want to add a vignette or a border. You could even add some typography. A new trend is tilting photos a couple of degrees. Perhaps that’ll be your new thing.

Whatever you choose to do, it needs to fit in with your style and the photo’s mood. Don’t add funky rainbow fonts if your mood is gloomy.

You Can Now Be a Superstar

There you have it, easy editing tips and tricks that can take your social media photos from zero to hero in no time at all.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, especially at the start. When you find your style, keep it consistent. People will love you for it. Happy editing!

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