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How To Get a Guy’s Attention Without Looking Like You’re Trying

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You know that girl at the party who drank just a little too much. She fell off the bar dancing, showed off all her lady parts, cried about her ex, and then tried to get the guy she liked to take her home? That girl is the prime example of what NOT to do when trying to get a guy’s attention. While she probably got a lot of attention, it was most certainly not the kind to strive for. A classy girl knows that in order to get the right kind of publicity, you have to be subtle. So if you wanna make a statement, without MAKING a statement, here are some tips on catching a guy’s eye without looking like your life depends on it.

Make Your Presence Known

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If you’re standing in the corner on your cell phone for the entire party, how is your crush ever going to know you’re there? After spotting him out, make the effort to go up and say hey. Keep it short and simple. This will make getting to know you a challenge, and make him want more. Now that he knows you’re at the party, and that you “may or may not” be interested, he won’t be able to take his eyes off you.

Dress to Impress

Yeah, dressing like a slut will get his attention, but dressing like you actually care about yourself will get you the right kind. If you’re attempting to lure in this guy by showing off your cleavage, he won’t notice anything else. Be classy about it. There are subtle ways to make yourself look sexy. Instead of just going with the easy, boobs about to bust out of your shirt route, concentrate on your best features. Long legs, short skirt. If you know you don’t do well in heels, don’t wear them. You’ll be glad you didn’t, when it’s time for the trek back home. Contrary to popular belief, guys can spot a girl who knows how to dress, and even finds it attractive. So make the effort to wear the things that make you look the best. Not the things that make you look like a $3 hooker.

Avoid Being “The Drunk Girl”

The “drunk girl” is the sloppy chick who spends the whole night stumbling between the dance floor and the bathroom. Yeah, she’ll get the guy’s attention but it won’t be because she’s someone he wants to take home. Instead, she’s  the girl who he is glad he doesn’t have to deal with. If you know you’re trying to catch someone’s gaze, skip out on the pregame shots and just have something mixed. After all, what’s getting what you want if you’re not even going to remember it?

Be The Life of The Party

The girl dancing in the middle of the circle, having a ball, and loving life tends to get noticed more than the girl awkwardly swaying by the bar. If you’re having fun, everyone else around you can tell. You have a happy buzz going, and there’s nothing that can bring you down. This little bit of confidence is something that’s going to make all the difference in a guy’s mind, and he’s going to wanna fight to be the one who actually gets you.

Look Happy and Be Happy

Avoid any signs of being a Debbie Downer. If you’re a drunk crier, know when to stop before the tears start flowing. A guy does not want to sit and console a girl the whole night, because she is drunk and is starting to think about her ex. On that note, no one wants to talk to someone standing by the bathroom sulking. Just put on your best happy face, and you’ll be good to go.

And after all that, if for some reason, this guy turns out to be a complete asshole, just remember one thing: Onto the next one!!

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