As a marketing student, you excelled in your classes. You completed the requirements, walked across the stage in cap and gown and received your degree. Now the real work begins. How can you get a marketing job after graduating college?

Be Mindful of Expectations
After finishing college, you’ve worked hard, studied long and you’re ready to change gears. You may expect to land a lucrative, exciting job. The reality is that for most of today’s college graduates, securing a full-time position in their field of study is a tremendous success, regardless of the pay or level of responsibility.

Online Job Boards
When you’re immersed in a job search, it can get frustrating fast. Just to be sure you’re aware of all the opportunities, use all the job boards, including:
• Career Builder
• Craig’s List
• Indeed
• LinkedIn
• Monster
• Simply Hired
• Those only for your city or where you plan to relocate to
• Your university alumni center
• Postings at your church, synagogue or temple

Show Your Work
Excelling in school or at an internship is a great experience to have on your resume, but after college, you’re competing against people you’ve never met, who have years of experience. What you need as you apply for jobs is evidence that the company would benefit from bringing you on board. Think about the skills employers need that you would be expected to use in the marketing position. In other words, read the job description. Does the company need someone who can reach their clients using Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Pinterest, Blogger or Instagram? Is it a non-profit that needs someone to write a persuasive statement asking people to donate money? Think of what the company needs, and show how you’ll meet that need by talking about it in your cover letter, resume or showcasing it in another appropriate method.

With a Little Help From Friends
Do your friends, family, your boyfriend’s family and your neighbors know you’re looking for a grown-up gig? With a little help from your friends – and other people in your life – you can find out about jobs and give your application a boost above the rest. In many companies, a human set of eyes are not the first to see an application – a computer eliminates applicants. This makes it easy to see why having a person on your side is so advantageous.

When There Are No Marketing Jobs
If you’re having a hard time finding a marketing job after graduating college, you’re not alone. Lots of grads in marketing and other fields are finding themselves accepting positions in fields that only require a high school diploma. In some parts of the country, unemployment is still very high and the creation of jobs is very stagnant. If, despite your efforts to secure employment, you find that there simply are no jobs, carefully consider starting your own marketing business.

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