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By: Eric Michael (University of Miami)

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After you’ve impressed a girl and her friends you’ve passed a huge test.  The largest test of all, though, is looming; you still need to impress the man cleaning his shotgun- also known as her father.  If you can get her father to like you, he is going to give his daughter the green light to go out with you.  Here are a few ways to impress the man who could make or break you, literally.

ALWAYS Make Eye Contact.

The first time you meet him, you want to make sure you are staring him straight in the eyes, and showing no fear.  If you show fear, he will eat you alive and pepper you with questions and make you run away faster than Usain Bolt.  Just make eye contact with him and give him honest answers when he asks you questions.  He just wants to make sure his daughter is going to be safe, so it’s the least you could do.

Give Him a Firm Handshake.

One of the simplest and greatest feelings in the world is when you get a good handshake.  It’s an example of strength and also it exudes confidence.  When her father extends his right hand, grab it tight.  I am sure he will try and break your hand with his handshake but make sure you grab his tight.  He will respect you more as a man and a potential boyfriend for his daughter.

Be Honest With Him.

He is going to ask you questions, so just tell him the truth.  If he asks if you are in school, tell him the truth.  If your life plan is to become a manager of a grocery store, don’t tell him that you plan on being a lawyer if you have no plans of going to law school.  It is ok to say that you plan on being General Manager of the store though.  You are not lying at that point, just embellishing.

Laugh at His Jokes.

Honestly, most parents are not that funny, especially dads.  If you hear him make a joke, just laugh.  You don’t have to laugh hysterically; a chuckle will suffice.  If you are lucky you will get a, “Hey dear, I like this kid. Where did you meet him?”  Once he says that, you are in like flint.

Ask About His Day.

If you know he works as a mailman, ask him about his route today.  If you know he’s a huge sports fan, ask him what he thinks of a team’s new free agent.  Any little thing you can talk about with him is viewed as a win.  So do your basic research and find out what he likes.

If you do all these things, you will win him over, and he will put away his shotgun and trust you with his daughter.

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