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College is all about sex, parties, and the occasional homework assignment. It should come as no surprise that one night stands happen frequently, and if you’re reading this, you’ve probably had at least one. You know how it goes… You wake up next to that stranger, quietly gather up your clothes, and tip toe out of their dorm room without waking them up. That person you had sex with and never plan to see again. This can go very wrong if you don’t follow these helpful tips.

Avoid Someone You Have Class With

one night stand

My friend hooked up with a guy she had a class with, left her i.d and debit card at his apartment, had to go back and get it, and then had to sit next to him for the rest of the semester. This could have been prevented. If you see someone at the bar, and the first thing they say to you is, “Hey, you’re in my English class,” then that person is not the one you should be taking home tonight. Not only do I have a class with someone I hooked up with last spring, but it’s a small class, meaning the chances of me having to look at him are unavoidable.

Avoid Greek Life

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If you’re in Greek life, chances are you’ve hooked up with someone else in it. I’ve done it, a lot of my sisters have done it, and it shouldn’t be a big deal. The thing about Greek life is that it’s kind of a bubble in which everyone knows everyone, and people hook up with the same people. This gets weird when you’re at all-Greek meetings, and someone is talking about this frat daddy they hooked up with last night, only to have it be the same guy you had sex with the weekend before. There are a few guys in some of the houses on our campus who we specifically tell new members to stay away from because of their track record. If you would rather not be the girl who has slept with half of the frat house, then avoid hooking up with members of the same house.

Avoid Getting Attached

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I cannot stress this one enough because I have been guilty of it. So you had sex with this guy last night, and now you’re thinking this could blossom into a beautiful college relationship. If the first night you met, and you’ve already given it up. This is not someone you will be dating. The idea of a one night stand is that it lasts one night, meaning that’s the last time you’ll ever have to see this person. Do not read into anything that happened that night. You were both hammered and sloppy and by no means are those reasons to be together forever.

Keep the Introductions to a Minimum

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You plan on literally fucking this person, and then never seeing them again, so why bother getting their life story? It’s pointless and it’s just more time that could be spent hooking up. Obviously get their name (to avoid yelling a different name) and their age in case you were worried about being a cougar tonight. Other than that, try to make sure you aren’t being a home wrecker, and you’re good to go. The less you know about this person, the less you’ll be thinking about them the next day.

Make Sure You’re Protected

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It sounds stupid but this one is most important for a one night stand. Last thing you need is to get preggers, or any kind of disease from a guy you met one night at a Frat party. You want to keep this relationship non-existent, so having to deal with something like that would really suck. Be coherent enough to make sure one of you wears a condom, and you won’t have to make a trip to your University Hospital for some Plan B, and you’re good to go.

There you have it. Next time you decide you are DTF without any restrictions, use these tips and you will literally be “good to go.”

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