How To Keep Your Summer Fling Past Summer

By: Kelsey Pinault (University Of Miami)

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Summer flings may not be for everyone. But even if you’re the relationship-only type, maybe it’s time you give it a try. After all, not everything has to end with summer.

Most people view a summer fling as just that. There are no ties, and although you may be exclusive with one and other this is still not a relationship. Whether you wear the pants in this fling or not, you need to remember to keep it casual. This way the decision can be made together when the end of August is approaching.  Go out with friends together. If you begin to have a mutual group of friends, you’ll have more chances of seeing each other without planning it, and innocent flirting may remind your feature beau what they could lose come the fall season.

An inevitable part of a relationship is fighting, but do not fight with your summer fling. If tension arises just try to let it go. Suggest taking a walk on the shore together or alone to clear your head. Arguing with each other will not make it last until 4th of July let alone the end of summer.

Try new things together. Get your mind out of the bedroom.  I’m only suggesting if your girl wants to bungee-jump, don’t let a little fear of heights stop you. Let her see that you’re adventurous and she’ll keep wondering what else you have in store.

Most importantly, don’t talk about what you’re going to do at the end of summer. You will definitely both have thoughts on the subject, and even if you are in agreement with what to do, dwelling on it will not help. Having a worry-free summer will ultimately make it last longer than counting the days. Talking about it early will just bring unnecessary pressure to the situation.

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