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How To Make Women Want You – It Ain't About The Cash

She says that she “likes you, you’re a great guy but likes you just as a friend for now.” We’ve all heard it before. You probably really are a great guy but you made the mistake of backing this pretty girl into a corner and making her feel as if she owes you a favor after the first date because you showered her with too much of your awesomness.  Well, this is true for the most part but when it comes to the dating world lets face it guys, we think we know it all. You can be as suave as you want – impressing your date, ordering the finest bottle of wine and purchasing her extravagant meals but guess what? As the Beatles said “Can’t Buy Me Love” and they’ll know that you did it all for The Nookie before you can even get them to hold your hand. Our friends over TSB Magazine have broadened our horizons to brighter pastures where Simon Heong – a master in the dating world takes for a quick tour about the law of reciprocity.  Besides my affinity for cougars because they’re always barking up the right tree, meeting girls my age in a friendly spot where it is casual can really do the trick instead of giving off the wrong vibe that your a narcissist and feel that you have to over compensate by dishing out that “cash money”. Before I start rambling and going off in tangents about the in’s and outs of dating and the various approaches we can take, check out TSB’s advice and see if you can spice your dating life in a way that you might actually be able to get her in the sack because she earned it.

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