How to Meet Students at Your College Quickly


For many new college students, the transition from high school to college can be very difficult.  Not only do they have to worry about familiarizing themselves with a much larger campus layout, they also have to adjust to demanding professors and deal with social challenges.  Adapting to the social scene in college can be intimidating, but there are many things a student can do to quickly meet new friends.

Check out the different club and activity booths during Welcome Week.  As daunting as the first weeks of college can be, many freshmen are inclined to skip out on the activities during Welcome Week.  This is a mistake that can drastically set back a freshman’s social life.  There are dozens of different clubs, groups and intramural sports teams students can join.  No matter what one’s interests are, new students should be able to find a group that suits them.  Not only does this help the student get more involved at college, it also helps them meet new people.

Join a study group.  After a student gets his schedule, he should check out the bulletin boards located throughout the campus and in the dorms to find relevant study groups.  If a student can’t find one to join, then he can start a study group with other classmates or people in the dorm.  Not only will this help students meet new friends quickly, it’s a good way to keep up the GPA.

Take advantage of social networking websites.  Everyone knows that websites like Facebook and Twitter are good for connecting with old friends, but they are also good for making new friends quickly.  People can use these websites to find out about campus parties and events and connect with other students.  There is even a website students can sign up for that let them be part of a social dinner circle to help them meet people Grub With Us.  Grub With Us helps people meet others in their city that share similar interests or culinary preferences.  If a student uses a site like this, he can meet other students and arrange dinner dates.

Participate in the activities that revolve around sporting events.  Another great way to meet students quickly is to get involved with the athletics scene.  Even if a student can’t play, he can still go to pep rallies and tailgates and bond with students at sporting events.  Some universities offer a booster club for students.  After they pay the low fee to sign up, they can attend exclusive events and meet other fans and the student athletes they are rooting for.

There are many social opportunities college students can take advantage of to meet other students and form bonds that may last a lifetime.  Girls may meet the friend who eventually serves as the maid of honor in her wedding and some guys may meet their future best man.  As long as students take initiative and participate in the many activities available, they should have no problems meeting new friends.


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