By: Amanda Schweitzer (Hofstra University)

Hello all you Campus Socialites. Here are some tips on how to turn men on before and during sex. I am sure you have your own ways of pleasing your man, however, read below, there may be some things that you’ve never tried.

1) Tease.

Men enjoy a challenge. If you put out on the first date there is nothing to look forward to. Don’t make yourself easy. If you’re going to hangout, make sure you leave with the upper hand. Don’t give them something to talk about with their friends. Send them a cute text message if you’re about to meet up and add a wink at the end. However, don’t play hard to get for too long because then you’ll be annoying. The perfect amount of time will result in an exciting build up, and the pleasure will be even more intense.

2) Talk dirty in a text message.

If your guy is at work, send him a quick text message of what treat he will be receiving once he gets home from work. He won’t be able to concentrate on anything except your body for the rest of the day.

3) Make out.

There are few ways to make out that turn a guy on. Even if men don’t want to admit it, they like the anticipation. Kiss him softly on the lips and pull him slowly back towards you. Grab his head and go at it again this time adding a little tongue. Give him a little tease by pulling away and have him follow you. Play with your mouth by biting your lip or licking your lips. Go on top of him and firmly press your lips on his and begin hard core making out. The anticipation that led him to that point will make him want to be in you even quicker.

4) Go down on him.

All men enjoy your mouth on his penis. Some girls don’t like doing it, which is okay if you are able to compensate it with something else. If you do decide to perform oral sex don’t go at it right away. Start from the top and slowly work your way down. Begin by kissing him on his neck. Gently kiss his stomach and lick your way down to the base of his penis. Guys like it when you grab their inner thighs, so perform this action while building the excitement. Slide your tongue beginning from the base of the shaft to the top. Do this tease until he can’t take it anymore and then finish him off.

5) Sex.

Finally, what you have both been waiting for. There are a number of different sex positions out there so feel free to explore. Don’t constantly repeat the same position because you will end up playing it out. When you are ready, depending on the position, tease him. Take his penis and let it touch you but don’t put it in yet. Slide it up and down on your vagina until he is begging you for more. Don’t give in yet. Climb across him and show off your body. Let him see what he is about to get. This will turn him on even more and increase the anxiousness. Go back to him and repeat the first step but this time have him thrust inside of you. If he is on top, wrap your legs around his back and pull him close. This is also a great position for women to reach an orgasm. When switching to a different position, make sure to tease him before he goes back inside of you. Just don’t let him lose a hard on. By the time sex is over his heart rate will be the equivalence of a person running a triathlon.

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