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By: Ashley-Lynn Goldstein (George Washington University)

Every girl has at least one childhood memory that involves a hula-hoop. I remember the days when my sister and I would hula into the night, or at least until my mother called us in for dinner. We would have contests involving who could hula the longest, who could do the fanciest tricks, even ones testing how many hulas we could hoop at once. I remember one instance when my sister had hulas from her legs to her neck!

Divas, I have news! It’s time to whip out your hulas because hula hooping has transformed into the new workout that is going to change the way you look at a hula-hoop!

The hula-hoop workout involves a 3-5 pound weighted hula-hoop called a heavy hoop. The heavy hoop is spun around your hips and also used for strength and cardio moves. In one popular move, you do lunges while lifting the hoop you’re your head.

The hula-hoop workout is great because aside from burning tons of calories, you also build strength in your shoulders, legs, and core. Plus, its way more fun than going on the elliptical or treadmill! Many professionals believe that if the hula workout is done properly it can even take the place of your low-impact cardio workout. Due to the hip swiveling the hula workout works your core muscles and increases your flexibility. It is a great compliment to your ab workout!

Many gyms offer hula classes. If for some reason your gym does not offer a class you can visit and order a home video and hula! Trust me, this workout is as fun as it sounds! Who said hula hooping was only for little girls?


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