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We’ve all been there. Your driving in your car, not even looking at what you’re texting your poor mother, and when you finally get a chance to look at the sent message, your heart sinks. Auto-correct just fucked your life. The good thing is however, after all the explaining and uncontrollable sobbing, you can now submit those text message gaffes to the new site for all the world to see me.   The site marks a new and innovative revolution in laughing at others misfortunes via the internet. was created by Eric Waller and Sean Moskowitz, after one of Waller’s friends sent a text to the wrong person, and mayhem ensued. The site has hit the ground running, procuring thousands of hits over a very short period of time, and being featured in an article by CNN. The website deals mostly with auto-correct gaffes and the brilliantly organic mis-communication they often cause, but there are many other situations featured such as texting or e-mailing the wrong person, and Facebook related issues. There is even a rather clever e-mail sent in response to a credit card bill statement, where the customer attempts to pay with a drawing of a cartoon spider.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m still blabbering on about the site, and not showing you some funny shit from it. Touchè Socialites. Here’s my personal favorites from




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