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“I Don’t Want To Risk Our Friendship”: How To Get Out of the Friend Zone

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You know how this story usually goes. You meet a girl who you know could be the one. She makes your toes curl, your stomach knot, your mouth dry — you become even more of a gibbering idiot than you usually are. You’re so incapacitated in her presence that you are physically unable to ask her out. You decide that things will be better once you get to know her better, so you become friends. Problem is…are you digging yourself a hole in the permanent “friend zone.”


So now you become best friends. So good in fact, that you can’t bring yourself to ask her out, or tell her how you really feel. Yet there is this nagging voice in the back of your mind that says you could be more than friends. You swear that you will tell her how you really feel. Right before you can do this, she tells you: “We are such great friends, I wouldn’t want to ever ruin that.” And just like that your ego, your heart and your balls have been crushed by a metaphorical sledge-hammer.

So how can you avoid the friend zone? Take a few tips here from us and we guarantee you’ll be more likely to end up in the red zone and eventually the end zone…Touchdown!

1.) Attire

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First of all, when you are “just friends” it doesn’t matter too much how you dress and how you look or what your mood is because it doesn’t affect your friendship. However, when you want to turn your friend into a lover, you need to always put your best foot forward in order to make her notice you.  So with that being said, button-downs and fitted clothes make women see a side of you that they relate to sexual thoughts.

2.) Intimate Conversation

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The two of you probably talk about everything imaginable within the scope of your friendship. You could talk about your common interests and even your love lives. When you want your friend to relate to you in a more intimate way, change the topics you talk about so your conversations are more intimate. You can even try verbal flirting as well. When you begin to integrate sexual stories and experiences, your partner will see that side of you and start to ponder some naughty shit.

3.) Set The Mood

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Rather than hanging out at a coffee house or going to a movie with a group of friends, meet the object of your desire in a private and romantic setting instead. Why meet your friend at a lackluster cafe when you can go to a lounge where they serve wine and have a fireplace.

4.) Change Your Actions

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Your friend probably knows how you act around other girls  you are romantically interested with so don’t hold back. Act the same way towards her now. Don’t forget to utilize your own set of Jedi-mind games here as well. Girls like to play the chase & drama game more than you know (though they may not always admit it). So, don’t always be so available, be busy, always have something going on, and sure enough you will see the tides turning. Before you know it she is telling you to come over to tuck her in with a bottle of Pinot Noir.

5.) Send Signals

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Your body language says it all. Your physical gestures are very different around a platonic friend and one you are romantically interested in so use this to your advantage. Touch your friend in flirty ways and let your body language tell her you are interested. Sooner or later she will get the hint.

What have we learned here? Realize that most women can get sex anywhere, any time and any way they want it. The problem for us guys is that women don’t want sex anywhere, any time and any way we want it. So be patient, develop a strong friendship that shows you’re a great guy with alot to offer, but just don’t get stuck in that friend zone where she can’t view you as an object of her sexual desire.


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