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By: Jess Sorentino (University of Delaware)

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Sunglasses were created for one simple reason: to avoid painful eye contact with the sun. Sure, they also eliminate awkward, squinting facial expressions and make people look less like they hate the beautiful weather, but they were simply created to avoid pain from the sun.

Now imagine if sunglasses were solely used for their intended purpose. That’s a crazy thought. Today sunglasses are used for all sorts of crazy reasons. Instead of shielding your eyes from the sun, they tend to shield everyone and everything from your eyes.

For some reason, wearing sunglasses gives people an unusual level of confidence. Perhaps it is because they believe they can’t be seen behind their dark shades – even though they totally can. This is not the wonderful world of Harry Potter and you are not wearing a cloak of invisibility when you put your sunglasses on. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news on that one.

Sunglasses have become a barrier between the wearer and the rest of the population. Sometimes it’s awkward and uncomfortable to talk to someone wearing sunglasses because you can’t read their facial expressions. Plus, you really don’t know where someone is looking when they’re wearing sunglasses…at you? around you? who knows.

But B.o.B. and Lupe Fiasco collaborated on a song called “Past My Shades” on “The Adventures of Bobby Ray,” B.o.B.’s debut album. Literally the whole chorus says, “And you can’t see past my shades, past my shades, past my shades” about three times. Throughout the song he makes mention about hiding behind sunglasses and even says “Don’t make me take off my stunners.”

The truth is, sunglasses – when worn on occasions not typical of their creation – have taken on a new identity: sunglasses are stunna shades.

Stunna shades, according to, are oversized, dark sunglasses worn at the club when you want to get “hyphy (hyperactive).” The stunnas give their wearer that added confidence boost we talked about earlier. At the club, stunnas are perfect for three reasons:

1. They make you look like you’re awesome and you don’t necessarily care about what’s going on,

2. They allow you to check everybody out without them noticing,

and 3. They allow you to see who’s checking you out.

Crazy! No wonder so many people have adopted the stunna shades as an everyday accessory whether it’s just to walk around campus or rage out somewhere. Rock the shades anywhere you want in today’s culture, but remember to take them off for that important job interview because you will not be accepted in the real word wearing stunna shades unless your name is Kanye.

So many songs are about wearing sunglasses for purposes other than sun protection. Take advise form Corey Hart, who said it a long time ago: “I wear my sunglasses at night so I can so I can…” and you fill in the blank for your own personal reasons.

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