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“I Wish I Thought Of That” At The Blitz & Beatz Tour Penn State

The Campus Socialite is going to be in State College this weekend for the Blitz & Beatz “White-Out” Rave featuring David Berrie, and we’re joined by our good friends at “I Wish I Thought Of That” Tees. These guys have all the shirts that you wish you thought of, and probably always wanted to make yourself. They’re funny, obscure, and comfortable, and you should probably buy one now.


Each shirt is uniquely conceptualized and designed by Founder/CEO Jordan Zucker and artist Chelsea Birns. Designs are drawn from movies, television, and any other random shit that people might find funny. Many of you might be sitting around on your couch – eating nachos, playing Xbox, and probably stalking your old high school classmates on Facebook…also thinking, “wow, I could probably come up with better ideas than these douchebags.” The truth is you might…and that’s the beauty of it. This company was formed when Jordan, a somewhat normal 24-year-old guy compiled a list of funny quotes, references, and general ideas that he had been laughing at for years with his underachieving friends. They truly believe that any young man or woman can build a business based on idiocy and immaturity – which is precisely what they’ve done. Every time someone sports one of their tees, they help preserve the long lasting tradition of obscure humor.


Now, IWITOT is printing custom tees for fraternities and sororities. So if you’re looking for some funny, high quality shirts for your rush, next mixer, whatever, then drop them a line and they’ll help you out.

But wait, that’s not all: Later this week we’ll be giving away a few shirts on our Facebook fanpage, so keep an eye on it for your chance to win. If that doesn’t work out for you, then you can LIKE the I Wish I Thought Of That fanpage before January 1, 2012 for a chance to win ONE OF EVERY SHIRT DESIGN. That’s like 40 new shirts for you. If you don’t win that, you can still get 10% off their online shop by using the coupon code SOCIALITE.

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