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By: Scott Yager

Hello and welcome to Idol Thoughts, your weekly dose of American Idol coming to you exclusively at The Campus Socialite each and every week following the performance episode and the day of the vote-off episode. This week there will be two installments Idol Thoughts, one for the girls on Wednesday and one for the guys on Thursday.  Beginning with next week, as the show moves into the final 12, Idol Thoughts will be coming to you each Wednesday and will recap the previous night’s performance telecast and preview that night’s elimination. If you enjoy Idol Thoughts please tell or link your friends so we can keep this thing going all season. As always, feedback is encouraged so post your Idol Thoughts in the comment section!

Offbeat rules: Siobhan Magnus, Crystal Bowersox, and Lilly Scott emerged as the frontrunners as the top-8 'Idol' ladies took the stage.

About Last Night:

Right out of the gate Katie Stevens came out and showed that there might be more than 2-3 people in the running for those who could NOT make the top 12. A contestant who looked to be someone the show wanted to force on us with the whole age angle, Stevens revealed her vocal limitations by singing a Kelly Clarkson song and following it up by saying KC is the artist who she wants to be. This would have been perfect if the performance wasn’t her worst of all time.

Siobhan/Shavon comes on next and continues her “I can belt long tough notes” theme with “House of The Rising Sun,” one of the best songs ever and done in a very bare bones way. Siobhan seems to be a lock to make it further in the competition based on skill alone, however this “I’m awkward” thing can only go on so far. When it comes down to it, would anyone ever get behind this person as an artist? Probably not. She’ll be a great contestant cause she’s the type of girl who is going to continue to impress based on the built-in low expectations her look and demeanor cause you to have, but it will be get to a point where once we know she has a good voice we simply decide she is missing everything else it takes to win this competition.

Lacey seems to be the only obvious choice to go home on Thursday. Probably her best song choice in the last few weeks, but still a bit too bland to go up against the heavy hitters. It seems like the girls in particular have a lot of these avant-garde types of vocal styles like Didi, Crystal and Lilly. Lacey seems to fall between the cracks a bit and she is more or less competing with Didi for the lower end version of this hipster vocalist type. She is also dealing with the fact that she is nowhere near as likeable as Didi. Lacey is probably going to go home just based on the boring nature of her last three weeks as a whole. The judges seemed to dig it last night but that might just be their way of lightening up on her for the week. Whether or not it was a big improvement for her, which it was, she probably still can’t go far in the competition and should probably still be eating family dinners by this time next week.

Katelyn Epperly had one of the hokiest performances we have seen in the top 24 with “I Feel The Earth Move” and must miss her dog or something cause as good as she was last week this might have been unmoving enough to send her home.  Hopefully this won’t be all it takes because she could definitely win this whole thing. A very boring and very dated performance that really could cause people to forget how awesome she was last week, Tuesday was her worst night by far. Will it be enough to ruin her chances? Probably and hopefully not, but she needs to learn from the feedback and come out the gate impressing people from here on out. She is one of the only people who might be able to upset the obvious frontrunners in the competition, hipster 1 and hipster 2. Last week’s performance of “The Scientist” by Coldplay made people think she might be a possible winner. This week’s made everyone forget those initial thoughts entirely.

There seem to be only two girls who have a chance to even play with the big girls and one of them just did her best to get sent home. Didi went into this week as one of the possible send-offs and had one chance to save her ass in this thing. Well, Didi finally reclaimed her stride and got back into the game with perfect song choice and flawless execution, leaving the judges no choice but to praise her after weeks and weeks of shoving her into the gutter. DiDi decided to pick up the guitar again and bust out with some Fleetwood Mac, a look and sound that definitely suits her very well. It’s ironic because she performed during the same segment as Paige Miles who was also a candidate to go home this week. The general consensus seemed to be that Lacey had one of the plane tickets locked up and that the other one would go to either Paige or Didi. Didi sang her way back into the competition and fortunately for those of us who love Didi, Paige did not.

Performing a song that sounded like it was from a terrible, terrible Disney movie, Paige single handedly forced anyone thinking of voting for her to seriously reconsider. The only thing that might save Paige was that Katie Stevens was bad as well but this was so excruciating that it might have sent Paige so far down the standings that she may be even more worthy of an elimination than even Lacey.

GOODBYE PAIGE. If this girl stays it is for no other reason other than a massive collective pulling of the race card all across the country. Fortunately, Idol voters tend to be better than that most of the time so it’s safe to assume that we have reached the last Paige of this book, end of story.    

What did we learn from the final eight girls’ performance last night? We learned that Didi is still a horse in this race, or at least deserves to go further. We learned that Lacey wasn’t going to go down without a fight, however her competition outdid her once again. We learned that Paige was the obvious choice to go home this week along with Lacey all along. And last but not least we learned that Katie Stevens might not deserve to be here either. She will most likely hang on another week but her lackluster Kelly Clarkson number showed that although the 16 year old Jordin Sparks story is one the Idol producers love to be able to tell, this will most likely not be the year.

Crystal vs. Lilly Scott

JWC and Lilly continue their streak of great original performances and have no chance of going home but come on, this IS going to get old at some point right? Both these babes are frontrunners on the girls side right now and all is fine and dandy now that there are so many other contestants to get rid of first, but one might be correct to assume that after a while these two might begin to steal votes from each other. Both of these chicks are not the typical idol contestant and are 100% beneficiaries of the advent of the musical instrument rule being changed. Right now it seems like Crystal is getting all the unconditional love similar to what Adam Lambert was getting at the beginning of last season and don’t be surprised if this begins to backfire towards the final few and Lilly Scott begins to become the less obvious and thus more appealing choice. Who knows what will happen because we are going to see at least 5 more performances from each of these talented women. Let’s just hope that the weekly themes start to bring out some less obvious song choices because as good as they’ve been, they haven’t been mind-blowing at all.

Siobhan, JWC and Lilly continue to be the favorites and we will most likely not figure out who is the best among them until we get further into the top eight or six overall, as the talent depth for the females is much deeper than the males. Didi and Katelyn appear to be the only girls with a chance to upset this holy trinity of hipsters as there is a chance that the judges NEVER stop saying “this is what the show is about!” after each and every one of J-Dubz’ performances. Disclaimer: Crystal Bowersox might sometimes be referred to during Idol Thoughts as JWC, J-dubz or Jewel W/ Crabs.

Best Performance of the Night: Didi

Worst Performance of the Night: Paige

Helped Their Stock the Most: DiDi

Hurt Their Stock the Most: Katelyn

Female Power Rankings:

1. Crystal Bowersox

2. Lilly Scott

3. Siobhan Magnus

4. Katelyn Epperly

5. Didi Benami

6. Katie Stevens

7. Lacey Brown

8. Paige Miles

Most Likely Going Home This Week: Lacey and Paige

If Not Them, Then: Katie Stevens Check the Campus Socialite tomorrow for Idol Thoughts on the final eight guy’s performances and to hear who will be going home on Thursday!

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