Did you all see that movie with Jim Carrey, Liar Liar? The one where his son makes a wish that he cannot tell a lie for a day. Let’s imagine a world where that actually was the reality. No more beating around the bush. A question is asked and your exact thoughts were your response. Life would be pretty interesting…. Especially in college.

You’re in college and you just finished “plowing this girl” you met at a mixer that night.  After you leave her place you’re probably going to get back to the frat house and tell all your boys how you just “banged the shit out of this girl” right?  But what is she actually thinking….


There was that movie with Mel Gibson, What Women Want. Mel gains a superpower that he can hear what all women are thinking. I think there was a reason why they never made the male counterpart to that movie. Tell me a sequel wouldn’t be awesome. A women who can hear what all men are thinking. The odds of that movie getting anything less than a NC-17 rating is highly unlikely. My opinion, a girl’s worst nightmare is to hear what we are actually thinking. How about a glimpse….

Okay okay, so the guys thoughts seem pretty harsh but girls aren’t much better. Now we all know you girls have been in this relationship before. You’re going out with the “nice guy” and you’re totally bored with the relationship. Plus the sex just isn’t cutting it. I have written an article about the “break” in the past, and some rules to go about it properly ( ). This is the other route you can go, if you really need a break….

Lastly, what about the proposal. What is really going through a girl’s heads when we’re down there on one knee, in what should be any guys most vulnerable moment. Well if you live in Murray Hill NYC, here is one example…

If you have any other “What you’re really thinking scenarios” e-mail them to us at or post a comment below! Let’s get to the bottom of your thoughts so none of us will have to beat around the bush again!

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