Imagination Foundation’s SICK New Sublimation Tees


I always make sure that I’m up on the T-Shirt game, and one of my favorite brands to keep an eye on is Imaginary Foundation. These dudes aren’t just your everyday apparel company – they’re artists, as well as philosophers. Each shirt tells its own story, and a pretty vibrant one at that. If you love getting shirts that are otherworldly in design, this is the place for you.


I recently received word about IF’s new “Sublimation T” line and just had to check it out. I thought it was just gonna be a few new shirts, nothing special. I actually found that these shirts are on a whole different level than your everyday run-of-the-mill tee – I looked into what makes a sublimated shirt different than a normal shirt. The shirt you’re currently wearing is probably silk screened, meaning that the ink that makes up the design is sprayed onto the fabric in liquid form. Cool, but not anything out of the ordinary. Sublimation is totally different: Solid ink particles are vaporized into a gas, merged with the fabric of the shirt, and converted back into solid form, so they actually absorb into the material. That means more vivid images in higher resolution.


That was for you t-shirt science geeks out there. Here comes the part where I link you to Imaginary Foundation’s page for this transcendental (there’s really no other way to describe it) line of shirts so you can pick one, or four, to buy for yourself. You’re guaranteed to get stopped by a total stranger who wants to stare at your chest (in the most normal way possible) while walking to class. I myself am eying down the Odyssey tee, because 1. I’m a closeted 2001: A Space Odyssey nerd, and 2. The whole shirt (front and back) is an incredible work of art. Check them out for yourself.

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