Injured College Athletes – What Are Their Options?

Athletes often get injured when participating in competitions or training. It’s a risk that comes with the job, and athletes already know that. On that note, student-athletes can get hurt too, and the injuries are sometimes quite severe. They need proper treatment and time to recover from the physical pain and emotional effects.

What’s truly a challenge is dealing with scholarships and insurance after suffering from an injury. Medical bills cost a lot, and it may be hard to deal with the price of physical and emotional recovery. You may be quickly thinking of a personal injury lawyer, but there are other options you should consider first. So, what can a student-athlete do after suffering an injury?

NCAA Medical Insurance Rules

All students have a medical insurance policy. The rules can be hard to understand, but it’s essential to know what it all involves.

Before you play sports at college, you should make sure of several things. You have to ensure that the college or university has provided a certificate that states the insurance policy is in place and active.

Also, you must own a medical insurance policy that is either equal to or greater than the deductible the NCAA Catastrophic Injury Insurance Program offered. Lastly, you should know that the health insurance policy will be active during all years you participate in college-level NCAA sports.

The Catastrophic Injury Insurance Program covers families that have injuries pricier than $90,000 through private insurance or $75,000 through institutions part of the NCAA Group Basic Accident Medical Program.

Health Insurance Sponsored by the University

Multiple colleges and universities have health insurance policies. These can come in handy when the athletes are not covered through the policy of a guardian or parent and can help cover costs when an injury occurs. The great thing about them is that they are cheaper compared to private health insurance plans or anything of the sort.

In order to see what universities offer insurance coverage, you will have to check the University Health Plans database. It’s important to check it out as not all universities will offer said coverage. However, you will also have to contact your institution, as you must determine if it’s a participant in the NCAA Group Basic Accident Medical Program. First, make sure the university also covers enough of the expenses to meet the Catastrophic Injury Insurance Program deductible limits.

Employer-Provided Health Insurance

ACA, aka the Affordable Care Act, modified the law to make sure young adults are able to stay on the health insurance of their parents until they are 26 years old. This might allow you to meet the minimum health insurance requirements. Also, students should have insurance with coverage that matches at least the amount covered by the Catastrophic Injury Insurance Program deductible, respectively $90,000.

Final Thoughts

Student-athletes who get injured can get coverage for their medical bills, but it all depends on each situation. It’s best to explore your options and get help from experienced personal injury lawyers. Hopefully, this post was helpful in this regard.

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