Interview with Maxim’s Hometown Hottie of 2010: Melanie Iglesias

Melanie Iglesias Maxim Hometown Hottie 2010

The temperature is dropping rapidly and it makes me wonder if I’ll find someone to cuddle up with this winter. Lucky for me, I spent a cold winter’s night cuddled up with Melanie Iglesias, the seriously exotic bombshell that Maxim has named their Hometown Hottie of 2010. Well, technically there was no cuddling, but we did get to chat about some of her deepest and darkest secrets. Don’t worry ladies, she’s just as sweet as she looks, and pulling the bitch card just to make you feel better is pointless. Guys, you might want to bite your lip, close your eyes, and drift away to paradise…here’s the real heart of Maxim’s Hometown Hottie of 2010.


The Campus Socialite: What inspired you to get involved in the Maxim Hometown Hottie competition?
MELANIE: I followed the girls on twitter who were already registered and managed to sign up the last day. Between The World Poker Tour (where she is a Royal Flush Girl) and this, the timing couldn’t have been better!


TCS: Since I’m the only one who can see you, tell our readers what you’re wearing. I’m sure they’re dying to know!
MELANIE: My favorite high-heeled boots. I always wear them in the winter, they make my legs look amazing, and they keep me warm. I’m usually a jeans and tank top kind of girl. Obviously I don’t wear a lot of clothes with my job so when I’m not working I like to be stylish. It’s funny, because people always say, “OH you’re a Maxim girl…like that’s not fair, and you have clothes on!”


TCS: Where did you go to college and what did you study?
MELANIE: I didn’t go to college. I was going to study music. You have to do this industry whole heartedly you cant do it half assed. Education is very important to me, more than being just a pretty face…looks fade, but dumb is forever.


Melanie is one of eight children, and while the entertainment industry isn’t a small hurdle to jump, she is very fortunate to have a family that supports her. She is the second oldest child, and is using her experience to “inspire them, and to show them that whatever they want, they can get.” Ultimately, she plans to earn a college degree.


Many of us wonder what life is like for celebs and iconic figures before they catch their big break. Were they the captain of the football team, or the water boy? Now that Melanie is standing in the spotlight, I felt compelled to ask her about those pivotal four years in a teenager’s life we like to call “High School.”

Melanie Iglesias Maxim Hometown Hottie 2010

TCS: What was high school like for you?
MELANIE: In high school I hung out with all the music geeks. I was putting together all the shows, was the captain of the dance team…Anything with music. I didn’t have much of a social life in high school and I wasn’t really voted any superlative categories. I remember that people shut me out because I wasn’t so involved in the whole school, just music, and I felt discriminated against because of it. All the popular girls had control over that stuff (superlatives). I didn’t really go to class, because I was in the music wing the whole time. Most of my teachers passed me thinking one day I’d be famous.


TCS: Since your big win, have people from your past been trying to reconnect with you?
MELANIE: People have been reaching out to me within the past 2 days. About 40 people I haven’t spoken to in the last 2 years. They think its cool to know someone who is on the rise – about to be in the spotlight, and I’d probably do the same thing. It’s cool to know someone who is out there, and I don’t hold anything against people for doing it. Sometimes you don’t realize that you’re wrong about someone until later on. We judge people. I feel like most people who know me, know I’m a good person. I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone felt bad for judging me.


TCS: How many pokes do you have on Facebook?
MELANIE: I keep deleting them, now I have like 40. It’s kind of annoying! If I turned on my phone I’d be able to tell you, but it died. I don’t know who they’re from. I thought I was private, but people find me. Right now I have like 700 friend requests.

Melanie Iglesias Maxim Hometown Hottie 2010TCS: What’s the rudest pickup line you’ve ever had thrown at you?
MELANIE: Rudest pickup line…this may take a minute because I have a lot. I mean, when you think about it they’re all kind of rude. If they have to use a “line” they’ve used it before, and that means I’m not special. So the guys I’ve dated never had to use a line on me…they don’t work.


TCS: What’s the best college party you ever attended?
MELANIE: I was like the only one of my friends that didn’t go, so let me think about this one. Upstate New York has pretty good parties. I can’t put my finger on it though. For me it was more about hanging out in my friend’s dorms, and doing stupid things you wouldn’t normally get to do at home.


TCS: What’s your most horrifying hook up story?
MELANIE: I don’t have anything really awkward. Any guys I’ve ever been with I’ve known for a while before going out with them. I’ve only made out with a handful of guys.

Melanie Iglesias Maxim Hometown Hottie 2010

TCS: What’s the craziest place you’ve “done the dirty?”
MELANIE: Ha, Ha, um…People keep wanting to know the answer to this question at every interview! I was younger…years ago…I was definitely in a place (awkward laughs and smiles) a very (more uncomfortable giggles and some blushing) really bad. (Melanie tries to catch her breath and carefully describe this crazy place, but has an epic fail) Basically in back of a, pause, oh god I cant say this again…It’s bad, it’s awful…I don’t know how many prayers I have to say to get out of that one, it was terrible!


TCS: What’s the sexiest outfit you’ve ever put on for a guy?
MELANIE: My previous boyfriends, they liked me the best when I wasn’t so done up. One time I sent my boyfriend a picture of me in his tightie whiteies, and his t-shirt, and he went crazy!


TCS: In your opinion, does size really matter?
MELANIE: (without any hesitation and complete certainty) Um, it really doesn’t matter. Anyways, I think girls care more about the stuff that comes before “it” most, the foreplay. Its true, any girl would agree. I’m always looking out for the girls.

Melanie Iglesias Maxim Hometown Hottie 2010

TCS: What’s the BIGGEST turnoff, or deal breaker when you meet a guy?
MELANIE: Pet names within the first month or so of me knowing you. Don’t call me baby; don’t call me sweetie, honey, sexy, that’s just disgusting to me. How many girls are u talking to right now that you can’t call me by name? My mother named me Melanie for a reason, respect me. It’s just gross.


TCS: Some guys like ass, some guys like boobs, what physical feature do you like most in a guy?
MELANIE: Probably shoulders. I don’t like when they’re stick figures, I don’t want you to be smaller than me, and I definitely like a guy who has a MAN’S figure (Insert hand motions for emphasis here). Be strong, and just you know, have some sort of build. Oh and TALL.


TCS: What are you most passionate about?
I’m either very passionate or completely indifferent about something. I’m a Gemini – I have a few passions, like my career, my family, and sending the message to everybody to not let anything stop you. I’m not different than anyone else who struggles with something. Everyone has got his or her own struggle, and it’s possible to get through it. There were times I didn’t have a bed to sleep in, I didn’t have anywhere to go, and was too proud to ask anybody for help…but I worked my ass off. I’m still working every single day; it’s getting better, it’s getting easier.

Melanie Iglesias Maxim Hometown Hottie 2010

TCS: If you could travel to anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?
MELANIE: I really want to go to the Galapagos Islands. See the turtles, beautiful birds, and just lay on the beach. I think there’s like a waiting list to go there…I’d try to get someone to pay me to go there. Ha, that would be even better!


TCS: The boys over at Campus Socialite headquarters specifically asked me to find out what you’re doing Saturday night. I’m pretty sure they’d each like to date you, but I have a feeling they might have to get in line.
MELANIE: This Saturday…uh…I don’t know. I don’t really make plans in advance. I like to see where the night takes me. I’m pretty full these days, so I like to mellow out.


TCS: Before we go, is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself with our readers?
MELANIE: I’d like to thank everyone who voted for me to win the Maxim contest. I’m in the issue with Katy Perry on the cover, which is on stands now. The World Poker Tour airs on Fox Sports Net in February, so you can see me there!


Melanie is signed exclusively to MMG and is managed by Aviva Skall.
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