Introducing Bud Light Platinum…Seriously?

Apparently people who drink crap beer weren’t happy enough with the 4.2% alcohol that you get with regular Bud Light or the 5% for Budweiser, so now there’s a nonsensical new version of America’s favorite shitty beer called Bud Light Platinum, and it comes with a slightly heftier 6% alcohol content. Oooooh, that’s awfully noble of you Anheuser-Busch.


Now here’s the question: why exactly is this Bud LIGHT Platinum? As far as I know, light beers mean lower alcohol percentage and lower calories. This actually skips right over the fact that there’s a regular beer called Budweiser right in between two light beers. I’m so fucking confused.


If I want to drink 6%+ beers, which I always do, then I’m definitely not gonna be drinking Budweiser. At that point I want the amazing beer flavor to complement the alcohol, not make me feel like I’m drinking prison wine made in a toilet. By the way Anheuser-Busch, slapping the word “platinum” on something doesn’t make it any more appealing to craft beer drinkers. Total beer fail. But if you insist on grabbing a 30 rack of this brew, then know that it hits grocery shelves in January.

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