Invest In Procrastination: Zynga Goes IPO at $10 A Share

Zynga, the people responsible for the procrastination of almost every college student on Facebook, has finally started trading stock on the Nasdaq. The IPO is priced at $10 a share, so anybody can grab a stake in one of the biggest social gaming companies ever. If you were looking for a company to start your investment portfolio, now’s your chance to invest in something that you know about, and has a great chance in becoming much, much bigger. Right now it’s trading under the name ZNGA, so you can open up an account on ¬†E*Trade and start investing in something that you know everybody will use when they want to take five minute breaks. Probably doing something like this:

One of the great thing about joining E*Trade to start investing in Zynga is that they’ll even teach you how to trade. They’ll have videos for you to watch, and live-streaming seminars that’ll help to teach you, and since it’s all online, you’ll be able to have a second tab open with Farmville so that you can procrastinate doing that too.

Doing something like this could also be an awesome conversation piece for the holidays when your parents and relatives ask you what you’re up to. You can be all like: “Yeah, you know, just trading buying some stock in some companies and seeing how that pans out… you know adult stuff that’s awesome.” Anyway, it’s hard to say where this stock will go, and if I could predict it, then I’d be rich somewhere surrounded by hot women, drinking Scotch that’s older than America, and playing real-life farmville with underpaid workers in a dangerous country. So get it while it’s new, and cross your fingers.

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