I remember back when Facebook was first becoming popular and, as a Campus Socialite, I am not one to follow the crowds.  So my immediate reaction to this phenomenon was that it was gay and I am not going to do it.  Like going to McDonalds and ordering a Parfait, it might taste good and be healthy for you, but I am not going to say that word out loud.  Putting your pictures on the internet, talking about what you did last night, posting your status updates, creating a profile… it just didnt seem kosher to me.  While in college I started a concierge business called Precious Time and it was time to do some online marketing.  This was my initial reason for getting on Facebook.  In the immediate future, whenever someone asked if I was on Facebook I would quickly say yes but strictly for business purposes.  As I became more and more involved both personally and professionally with Facebook, not only did I become a proud user but I was and am now a huge supporter.  I believe that Facebook has marketing and networking capabilities that are absolutely incredible.  I do not love every aspect of Facebook, but the general concept behind it and the possibilities that it creates kindle my entrepreneurial spirit.

So now there is a new kid on the block, Twitter, and learning from my past mistakes of passing judgment on a social networking tool without actually using it, I decided to give this one a try.

Twitter is a simple tool, all based around the premise of answering a single question… What are you doing???  You might be thinking to yourself, that is so stupid I am not going to tell the world what I am doing every second, and I don’t care what anybody else is doing.  That is fine if you want to look at it in the most basic view.  Twitter’s functionality is pretty incredible and let me explain just why.

Twitter acts as a live search engine.  For example, I was at Citi Field to see a Met game, (somebody else’s tickets, obviously being a diehard Yankee fan, I didn’t go to a Met game by choice although the food was pretty awesome but I’ll save that for another time) so I wanted to see who else was in the area or at the game.  I typed in Citi Field into the search bar on my UberTwitter Blackberry application and all of the people that have mentioned the words “Citi Field” came up in a matter of seconds.  Not only that, I checked to see everyone in my geographic location and a list of fellow Twitterers came up in no time.  That is pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty cool.

On Twitter you can choose who you would like to follow.  You have been watching your favorite player on the Knicks play for years, now by following him on Twitter you can actually get to know the player on a more personal level.  You’re obsessed with The Hills, so now you can follow the characters even when they are not on TV. There are tons of celebrities that love Twitter because it is way for their fans to really get to know them beyond the way the media portrays them.  Shaq is one of my personal favorite Twitterers to follow, he has witty remarks and you can tell he is just an all around good guy. You can also communicate with some of the celebrities as well, if they choose to follow you back.  If you tweet interesting things or reply to their tweets, chances are they will follow you right back.

Let’s not forget that the marketing capabilities are endless.  But you don’t own a business right? That is fine, remember every Campus Socialite needs to always be developing their own personal brand.  What better way to do that then create a following on Twitter? Feel free to make yourself a guru on a certain topic that you’re passionate about.  Connect with people that are also interested in the same things.  Whatever the case, remember marketing and branding are not only associated with business, you are your own brand!

If you do own a business, there are tons of Twitter applications and resources now popping up to help you make the most of your Twitter experience.  The traffic to this blog alone has grown exponentially just because of people following it via Twitter.  Think about it, if you have 10,000 people following you on Twitter then look how far your voice can go.  You might have been the quiet girl in the back of the room but with Twitter you can be as loud as you want.

In my opinion, Twitter could just be a phase, but I think there is something definitely worth looking into here and a value that hasn’t even been fully examined or tapped yet.  Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think.  And when you sign up make sure you follow or my personal account @DrewAustin. My wolf pack started as one, now it has grown to over 300, I would like to continue to grow my wolf pack.  (Reference to the new movie The Hangover, freaking awesome flick, All Campus Socialites Must See It!)

Here is a brief tutorial video to help you get started.  Pretty soon you will be a member of the Tweet-Elite!  Tweet-Elite… I like the sound of that, very Campus Socialite.

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