Is Law School Right For You?

So, you’re considering whether a career in law might be right for you!  If you play your cards right, law school can be an incredible opportunity.  However, it’s important to know that it’s not an easy route. Knowing what you’re signing up for before you get started is vital.  

So, the big questions is, are you the kind of person who would be well suited for law school?  Here are some of the five qualities you should have that point towards yes.

You Have a Passion For The Law

A lot of people get into law school because they have a passion for defending justice.  Perhaps someone they loved suffered an accident and deserved compensation.  Or maybe they know someone who was wrongly accused of a crime.  Unfortunately, that’s a nice start, but it may not be enough.

Law students take about fifteen credits during the first year of school, and roughly twelve of them are dedicated entirely to law.  The homework? You guessed it, law homework. You’ll be living and breathing law.

Law school involves writing about the law, researching the law, and more writing about the law.  So, if the idea of all those endless hours of reading and writing about the law overwhelms you, then law school is probably not for you.

Total Commitment

In order to make law school work, it will have to be your primary focus.  Most students find it too challenging to have a part-time job or much social life.  The demands of your schooling may put stress on your family and personal relationships since your main priority is school.

Unlike some other degrees, law school calls for a significant amount of work each week.  Many students find themselves working up to seventy hours a week!  So, if you’re ready to make the sacrifices necessary to power through, then law school is for you.

You Have Resources To Pay For It

So, if your plan is to pay for school by taking out hundreds of thousands in student loans, think again.  If you take out a significant student loan, you’re going to spend a large portion of your life paying it back.

Ask yourself if that’s really worth it.  There are plenty of alternative options for paying for school.  The problem is a lot of law students don’t know that until they’re under a mountain of debt.

Instead of relying on loans, consider going to an in-state college.  Apply for grants and scholarships!  You could even take a break between high school and law school and save up money to pay for it.  

Consider trying to be as resourceful as possible rather than relying on loans which will only swallow you with interest.

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