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Is Your College Degree Worth Your Virginity?

These days college is a bitch to get in to especially when you can’t afford it.  Between students loans and all the money that we spend in college it might as well cost an arm and a leg.  Today, we stumbled across an entrepreneur that is dishing out her most prized possesion and is really thinking “outside the box” in order to pay for her college tuition.  What is she offering you ask?  Well, all it is, is her virginity…

A 19-year old student in New Zealand is auctioning off her virginity to pay for college. According to the report, she has received more than 1,200 propositions, including one offer over $35,000 USD. Although there’s no picture evidence, she describes herself in the ad as “attractive, fit, and healthy.” Of course, these kind of sex-for-cash news stories are not new. Johns have been paying and bartering for tail since practically the beginning of time. After all, there’s a reason why prostitution is know as the “oldest profession.” For example, last year a 22-year-old college graduate captured headlines when she received a $3.7 million offer to have sex for the first time. According to reports, she planned to use the money to fund a master’s degree. The famed Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada arranged the multimillion dollar sex-for-cash transaction. So bros, here’s today’s question of the day: Would you ever pay for someone’s virginity? If so, how much?

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