By: Amanda Schweitzer (Hofstra)

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Hey Campus Socialites, this article is a continuation of yesterday’s column, Sometimes Being Pretty Can Get Ugly. In my last article I discussed the reasons why being pretty is not always a good thing. For instance, girls can be bitchy, sometimes guys won’t take you seriously, boyfriend jealousy, etc. This time, however, I am going to write about how being pretty can be beneficial in certain situations.

1. Free drinks at your local saloon

Ladies, don’t pretend like you don’t flirt with the bartenders when you go out to get free drinks. Another tip is to show interest in a guy, get a free drink, then say, “I’ll be right back, I have to find my friends,” then you disappear. He will be too drunk to know the difference. Also, if you are around a bunch of guys, scream “SHOTS!” they will be so excited to get you wasted that they won’t ask you for money.

2. Promotions

Ever heard of the saying, “Sleeping your way to the top?” Well, it does happen in some places. I don’t think it’s fair and no one is going to take you seriously, however, some girls will do anything to get on top (no pun intended).

3. Good grades

Isn’t is scary to know that some girl got an A because she did something naughty to her teacher and now she is eligible for something that another student deserves. It is unfair but it does happen. You don’t have to do anything except your homework to get good grades, however, bringing in an apple to the teacher doesn’t hurt once in awhile.

4. Discount Prices

You want those grapes for $2.00 instead of $5.00? Of course you can!

5. Wrap your man around your pinky finger

I want what I want when I want it!

So ladies remember, it’s better to act modest and have girls not like you for no reason, than to act like a slut because you want promotions and free drinks. Don’t use being pretty as an excuse to be naughty in different situations.

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