Italian University Warns Students to Stay Away from Jersey Shore Cast


The administration of the Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici in Italy has issued a letter to students discouraging them from fraternizing with the cast of the Jersey Shore. Season 4 of the irresistibly funny reality TV show is shooting in one of their dorms, and promises to embarrass Italians on an international scale.

Here is the letter that officials sent out to students:

Dear Students,

Our Housing dept. has informed us that starting May 9th there will be shootings inside the 2nd floor apartment of your building.  We advise you to NOT sign any paper, let anyone in, and keep us informed.

Okay, well that makes it sound as if there are dangerous gunmen attacking JUST the second floor of the dorm, and the university shadily happens to know about it ahead of time. Did anyone else read it that way? Am I just sick in the head?

We’ve also been informed that the school is providing alternative housing and a partial refund of rent for anyone who wants to get away from the disaster that is sure to befall I.L.D.M. So if you don’t like fist pumping, mixed drinks, inappropriate behavior, and spray tans then you better get out of there fast.


So let me get something straight: The school lets the show shoot there, but then acts as if they never wanted them there in the first place? Come on, let’s be serious. Everyone wants publicity, and this is the university’s chance. They want this more than anyone, despite attempts to prove that they disagree with everything that the Jersey Shore stands for. So students of Italy, if you think the Guidos have robbed you of your dignity and heritage, then stand up for what you believe in and avoid them entirely…or you could hang around and possibly get your face on TV. It’s your choice.

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